Light of Zyan

It is time to Know the Truth that Arises from Within
The Worlds are in Alignment and New Purpose is Discovered

All who Follow the Path of Enlightenment are in Alliance with the Ridazi
Keepers of the Violet Flame, Seek to Pass the Magic Time of the Last Hour

In the Presence of the Masters Witness the Culmination of Centuries of Work
Secrets are Revealed and Given to the Initiates who
Speak the Language of Nelan

Alizibrium Azzakiury Vorulaut
Ananighbala Agnisa Um Praylaya Iumarisz

And so it is Said at the End of Days

Soende Crsla Ptal

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· Awakening Wayshowers
· Visions of Enlightenment
· The Light of Zyan ~
· The Light of Zyan ~
· The Light of Zyan ~


You are Invited to become Part of the Secret Order of the RIDAZI

Your name is Given and you Resonate with Decision.
Live in Alchemical Fire and Timeless Oceans.
Be the Magician, the Priestess.
Awaken Sleeping Ones.

Bring Light to your World and Become the Dzyan.
Chase away the Dark XAXA and all Illusion.
You are the Ridazi and guide the Indigo Revolution.


The Light of Zyan


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