These Astrological updates are normally quarterly and touch upon the upcoming transits and energies to be aware so that you may align and harmonize yourself with the cosmic influences.
Wow... That was amazingly beautiful and beyond insightful; almost beyond my comprehension. I just read the whole thing out loud to myself and I now I have watery eyes. Thank you for sharing.

* the word revolution makes me nervous these days.... I like to say  "we need to evolve not revolve" ... and yes you can use that phrase idea; if you feel the same way... Thanks Rysa... Jai

This was the kindest gift. thank you. Alicia

Golden Ring, thanks
You astrological interpretations were very good for me, I rested 70% better and the total opposite of bad dreams. The Golden Ring Energy has been good and is even better every time i tune in...   ThankYou, peace and Love Frederick

Thank you Rysa and Ash - I sort feel like I'm in the middle of the ocean - lots of big beautiful waves. I've got my surf board, my heart and a prayer! Thank you for this information, it is very helpful for me at this time. Much love!  Deborah Angiolina

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