GoldRing LLC, our publishing company is prepared and working to return the energy of the value of seeking knowledge, truth and understanding of the planet's history, events, politics, culture and philosophy beyond the common understanding or misunderstandings of the past. The writings, audios and videos are presented in such a way as to engage, trigger and to release ego defenses to truth that is known deep inside through many psychological spiritual modalities.

The GoldRing of Enlightenment is our platform where thousands of videos and writings are presented free of cost for all to particpate and grow together.

Our mission is to create platforms and products that elevate consciousness and humanity toward unity, truth peace, harmony and abundance.

I am an author of inspiring and mystical writings, a poet, musician, videographer and the Creator of the GoldRing of Enlightenment. I have been an astrologer for over 35 years and teacher and student of the mysteries.

As an inspired poetic artist, I combine a colorful and lyrical tone inside engaging messages to enliven innate activation and healing in a manner that is sure to stir your heart and soul into new paradigms of awareness. The journey of unconditional love and compassion is within the deepest energies of feeling.
To use our artwork please obtain permission, thanks!
My motive follows my passions for the arts and creativity in the fields of the mind and the heart. I realize how being willing to transform and grow is the real approach to an enlightened life.

My past is but parts of my dream where I learned that all sacred cows eventually must go and each person must look within for their own answers.

Living from a spiritual perspective and seeing life from a more symbolic perspective without losing compassion for practical truth has been my pathway.

Seeing requires a perspective and to see clearly demands a focus. In my many positions in business, vocations and professional services there has always been a motivation to harmonize and blend all the energies, characteristics, timings within the groups I was engaged with. To expand the levels to reach excellence and know there is in the world beauty, love and the divine.

I have been involved in internet radio and self-publishing DVD's which enlighten in a spiritual real transforming manner since the introduction of The GoldRing Game of Enlightenment in 2006.

We will never stop learning for learning is what life is about. If you wish to learn about yourself I will tell you. If you wish to understand my methods my classes will bring you towards these insights.
9 11 and many other events caused me to question many things, including my longstanding career with the Government. After awakening to the knowledge that the systems of government, education, media and religion are corrupt and full of discrepancies, I retired early to seek a path in life that followed truth and co-creativity. Through a series of healings and awakenings I became open to certain gifts that I use to bring forward projects, artwork and media that will assist humanity toward a conscious, peaceful and harmonious evolution.