Sports Fun and Health
I. Fun Aerobic physical games:

Golf, Baseball, Basketball, Tennis, Volleyball and Frisbee.

II. Depending on weather indoor and outdoor activity.

A. Playing a wide assortment of games for health & fitness

1. Moving, stretching & feeling (Balance) HIDE and SEEK Finding the Child within. Pioneer Park games. First

page morning stuff and child stuff.

2. Playing catch & breathing (Relaxation)

3. Mini-Tennis aerobics & hitting (Timing)

4. Golfun Putting & seeing (Visualizing)

5. Team work games & passing (Relationships)

6. Frisbee fun exercises & giving (Happiness)

B. Course Goal is awareness of body while playing sports.


Control the variables of active air

REPETITION Utilize the enthusiasm of desire fire

PREPARATION Prepare the stability of strenght earth PLAY = TO GROW OPPONENT = TO ENJOY WIN = TO LEAD PRACTICE = TO LEARN OBSERVE = TO FOLLOW WANT = TO GET BETTER FIRST TOSS The best way to practice as a beginner is with a partner who will toss the ball to you. Stand about 25' apart and toss the ball so it bounces once before your partner or coach can catch it. If you are on the tennis court have your partner stand on the service line and you stand just a few steps back from the other side of the net. After you and your partner toss the ball underhand softly back and forth. One person go to the other side of the net and stand on the T and toss from the T to the other person on the other T in the middle of the court.

1. ATTENTION: First impression

2. INTEREST: Relate the problem

3. DESIRE: Show how to solve it.

4. ACTION: Self Motivated and Self-directed (Direction Comes from Within He wants it) Positive but realistic (A Builder, not a destroyer, realism and optimism Blended to reach success) In Control of Emotions (The toughest competitor is within you must control emotions inside first) Calm and relaxed under Fire (Uses pressure as a opportunity, enjoys the challenge to reach potential in testing situations) Highly Energetic and Ready for Action (Ability to pump up energy for the challenges) Determined (Relentless Force of Will in pursuit of Goals) Mentally Alert and Focused (Total Concentration for long intensive periods - Controls Attention) Doggedly Self-Confident (The Intimidator - unshakable sense of Confidence and belief in his ability to perform well) Fully Responsible (No Excuses - Full Responsibility for Actions and outcome)
STEPS 1. Self-discipline 2 Self-Control 3. Self-Confidence 4. Self-Realization Mental Toughness is Learned The ultimate measure of Mental Toughness is Consistency Performance Consistency is the result of psychological consistency. As within so without. Maintaining the interior mental climate will determine how your are able to continue to stay in the upper range of your talent. IPS Ideal Performance State. The maintaining of this state during play are the most important skills to be learned.

1. FROG & ALLIGATOR Tossing and catching

2. FISH IN THE POND Accuracy toss. Use racquet or Hulahoop Softball Throw -Low to high simulation, forehand prep. Variation: toss ball into target in service box from the T. Have partner alligator catch or finger catch the toss.

3. TIGHT ROPE Balance & foot work-follow the leader

4. BUNNY HOP Split steps & balanced forward motions 5. SUBMARINE Volley positioning, knees & shoulders

6. ROLLING & RACING Roll the ball down the line and race it.

7. GOLDILOCKS & 3 BALLS Teaching how to hit a baby ball softly, a mommy ball to the middle of the court and a daddy ball as far as you can. Use this drill to get the point of contact emphasizing the baby ball and hitting up.

8. OVER THE MOON Throwing high over the fence or coach

9. Baseball Throw Service motion, balance & pronation A: Throw at targets at or over the net. B: Throw ball over the back fence from 6-10 ft C: Throw ball over the Coach! :-)

10. SLAM DUNK Basketball dribble & overhead smash

11. BOMBERS Learning low to high swings. Lobs 12. FOOTBALL Use various drills that correspond to football concepts. Movement and speed, coordination and catching.