It is required of all Applicants to carefully read and understand and agree to act in accord with the Procedures, Terms and Conditions in becoming a Member of RMI. This Market has been established for the benefit of Members and Clients to work in a professional online business environment. RMI's responsibility includes maintaining operations and to provide substantive business information when necessary on Members and Clients that will assist in authenticating the ability of parties to perform. All Members have thus agreed to abide by these procedures and in accordance with the Terms and Conditions. All information is hereby considered private and only available to those individuals and persons who are provided with said membership.

1. Membership Application
  A. Include correct name and contact in formation..
B. List your business "relationship" in regards to resources, commoditys and products.
C. Include business history, commercial transation experience and personal information.
D. Provide private business contracts, information and associations as required.
2. Account Status and Validation

A. Upon completion of the above administration will be able to report your membership classification and status.
B. Status, qualification and performance will be conveyed to support Member or Client's commercial business requests.
C. Any money transfer, fee requests, contract, referral and or other projects discussed must be reported ASAP to RMI.

3. Communications and Status Reports
  A. Communications between parties is to be recorded and reported within RMI Status Reports
B. Both parties and Administrators shall use the Private Imail System to relay private information.
C. Report faxes, phone conversations, mail services and direct email in the Project's Status Report.
D. Upon completed transactions Members & Clients agree to honor non-disclousre non-circumvention agreements.

RMI Procedures may be added to, adjusted, changed, modified or rescinded at anytime as it becomes necessary to the effective operations of this network