RICH MARKETS INTERNATIONAL  (RMI) operates multiple internet domains and high speed computer servers providing ACCESS to Buyers and Sellers of commodities and resources throughout the world. This is a cooperative platform designed to give a quick view of current available OFFERS and ORDERS. Direct Lenders and Broker Correspondents are offered access into the system to view, request and communicate exclusively with Brokers and Owners on their projects. FBF has designed this Commercial Lending Network as a stable base of operations to organize and streamline the Commercial Lending industry utilizing the Internet.

THE MARKET includes a password secured infrastructure, sophisticated status report system, email notification of Offers and Orders and a secure private email notification system. As the owner, Seller or Trader in the transaction you are able to communicate your Offer and Financial, Shipping and Performance requirements in real time in a active working online Market. RMI maintains the online systems and participates as an intermediary charging a small percentage to administer the transaction. The Market has been developed with the assistance of a successful management group with a history of success in commodity brokerage and financial management. The administrative team is accountable and responsible and able to respond at anytime to questions and concerns on pending transactions.

RMI Administrative Services 1-425-830-4057 - Pacific Time USA
RMI Administrative Services 1-435-652-0739 - Mountain Time USA

When an Offer or Order is submitted to the system our administrative staff investigates to make certain it is credible and being represented factually. If the Offer is a valid Full Corporate Offer FCO then it is place in the MARKET so that a Purchase Order PO can be issued in alignment with the terms and expecations of the Seller. RMI will have knowledge of both the Offer and the Order and the history, capacity and financial status of both parties. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for futher explanations on procedures and protocols in working within the Market.