INTRODUCTION: RICH MARKETS INTERNATIONAL's online marketplace expressed purpose is to benefit buyers, sellers, traders and brokers to develop fast and effective communications with each other. As a broker you may communicate transaction requirements within this international market to organize and streamline delivery and payment of viable resources, products and comodities.

SIGN-UP & APPROVAL: It takes only a minute or two to sign up with RMI and begin your business transactions in the Market. You and your company will be able to enter and access your offers and place orders within an interactive and powerful marketplace. There is a continual listing of available, products, commodities and resources available within the market listed as Offers. There is also a continual listing of requested products, commodities and resources wanted by other members listed as Orders. You may utilize the system once you sign up to comunicate with principal parties on selected Offers and Orders. Your USERNAME, which is the email address you will sign up with and a PASSWORD you select is all that is required to access the site. These are required when you login to the system. Remember Passwords are CAsE SENsitivE.

SUBMISSION: If you are interested submitting an OFFER or an ORDER you may enter in the information in the Summary Questionnaire to RMI will present your Offer or Order summary information for review and selection ASAP.

SECURITY: When you enter the site you will be able to login with your email address and a password of "yourpassword". Sign-up with RMI by using the following URL ( Sign Up ) To begin a relationship as a trader a standard Non-Circumvention Nondisclosure Agreement (NCND) is available at This document is important to establish a professional working agreement with RMI and is required to be in place for the protection of our partners, yours and your clients' interests. The online version is available for agreement please email a type signed copy to For Brokers, Agents and Consultants we expect to have a Mandate Relationship verified with the owner of any resource or commodity to insure proper representation. The inclusion of an NCND will further your certification and reputation within RMI.

PROCEDURES: RMI conducts a primary review of the Offer to Sell and the Order to Buy to determine if it meets standards for inclusion into the Active Transactions List. It will then be placed within our password protected system as an Active Transaction and become available to approved members for selection. Requests are provided non-exclusively as time is of the essence and once there is a completed transaction the Requests will be listed as completed. RMI will approve the communication through its fiduciary and participatory capacity under specific directions of the Principal to insure proper placement with the best chance of performance. Each member is required to be forthright and truthful in the ability to transact business and the contact information will be given to each party upon the RMI Administrator finding suitable members most capable of performance. This will be determined at the complete discretion and the sole responsibility of RMI.

CONTACT: The review stage for a member must be clearly understood to be relative to the nature of the product, commodity or resource in question. The period of time required to qualify and to negotiate a transaction will vary from a few days to a few months depending upon the nature as stated above. It is important to understand that in this business it is an extremely time sensitive arena and so that in some cases the transaction will be complete very quickly and the prevailing party will be the one who acts with quickly and is attentative to business. RMI operates as an intermediary, fiduciary and operates the marketplace as a for profit business. Members of the Marketplace are involved in a unilateral relationship where RMI is provided sole control and responsiblity in this process and its function to maintain the Market for communication and administration of business transactions. As an intermediary RMI in an interested third party intermediary between buyer and seller and any other member of the Market who has a stake in the performance of this business. RMI operational status is administrative unless required by either party to provide clarification or the addition of information about the transaction.

The contract and transaction process requires time for analysis, structuring, negotiation, delivery schedules and depending upon the type of transfer required, physical and financial it may take a few weeks to a few months to complete the transaction. Adaptation, re-negotiations, flexibility and patience are required during this period of performance. Successfully transactions are created by clear and continuous communication between principals and maintaining professional diligence through the negotiation and contract process.

MANDATES: RMI receives hundreds of millions of dollars in requests in the form of Offers or Orders a week and often these Requests may expire or have contingencies which must be addressed before they are offered on the Market. Additionally there are times where there are more than one broker or individual involved in the transaction or business which has been submitted by a broker or principal beforehand and this is a secondary issuance of an Order or Offer. Our policy on situations such as these are to work with the individual who has obtained the strongest and most current "Mandate." In the case of a Request submitted earlier but has expired but now has come back with a different price, terms or quanity or has been restructured through a broker's influence and experience RMI must take the most current mandate as the active transaction and all previous transactions not in a pending state are voided. The broker's direct involvement and the power of the mandate will secure our attention. The submitting member will be notified ASAP if the project is being reviewed or the status of the previous submission is being voided.

BROKERAGE FEES: RMI is a commercial brokerage and paid through the proceeds of completed transactions. The commission amount paid to RMI is calculated according to industry standards as related to the type of product, commodity or resource being traded. RMI expects that all fee relationships between itself and members of the network are handled previous to the Request being approved through a Fee Agreement upon the submission of the Request to Buy or Sell. When there are more than one broker involved all parties must be signatories to the agreement and be made part of the Order or Offer so that confusion can be avoided.

FEE AGREEMENTS: It is understood that "Fee Agreements" with all parties must be executed before the Offer or the Order can be placed within ACTIVE TRANSACTIONS. This is to insure that when there is an OFFER for the Sale of a commodity that the brokers are fully aware of the willingness of the Seller to provide a commission and that the commission is expected to be split on the buy and sell side as agreed beforehand. RMI will maintain this document and utilize it as an agreement of the parties who are making the Offer. In the case of a buy side transaction the same procedure is required of an ORDER. Any action to otherwise demand, require or expect fees, up front or at closing from the Buyer or Seller other than what is agreed to upon submission is herein is strictly forbidden. All subsequent broker fee agreements with principals without the consent of RMI are considered invalid, a breach of conduct in alignment with the NCND. Exceptions are permitted only upon full disclosure to RMI of all the particulars involved and any transaction requirements which would warrant additional fee agreements.

ADJUSTMENTS: RMI procedures can be modified and negotiated to satisfy the needs and circumstances Buyers and Sellers in consideration of the variety of business transactions and processes. The Market does not presently require fees for a monthly or individual up front charges. RMI reserves the right to conduct business with members as it sees fit without any financial obligation required of the member. This Market is a service provided under a unilateral agreement by and on behalf of Rich Markets International.

CERTIFICATION: This program is for funding sources in the establishment of "Certified Members” who represent RMI with the highest standards of ethics and protocol and will thus receive the highest priority of services in view of their disclosures and professionalism. This program allows for direct positioning of qualified members into a preferred category of service based upon their business history with RMI. The benefits of Certification include direct approval of Offers or Orders for our Certified Members. Our administrative staff coordinates placement of business with valued members who have proved their capacity to perform.

COMPETENCY: Statements on Disclosure and Competency of Members and Due Diligence thereof is the sole responsibility of the individual members of the Market and participating parties. It is incumbent upon the professionals within this Market to establish their own criteria and not rely on judgments of third parties. It is the policy of RMI that all disclosures be Principal to Principal and at the discretion of these entities. RMI will protect member interests throughout the business process but any secretive or unauthorized intervention by an associate to circumvent any element of this agreement or association will be considered a breech of contract in accord with the (NCND) and may result in suspension of agreement and action to remedy any subsequent damages. Brokers submitting requests shall endevor to prevent circumvention of their business interests by maintaining a reasonable level of security in placing information about their transactions. RMI is in contact with all representatives referred through the Market and its sources and in accord with our efforts we are compelled to check the integrity and quality of efforts made on our behalf. RMI has created this Market as a WORKING PLATFORM allowing professional relationships. Our Due Diligence is primarily of DIRECT ACTIONS, EFFORTS and RESULTS. The Status Report Updates insure we understand your concerns and check and recheck our system. The final authority in all matters of the competency of Buyers and Sellers must be the direct concern of the participants. Under no circumstances can RMI be considered a guarantor of the information of any Order or Offer listed herein. The system is designed for full communication and disclosure and all participating parties are free and responsible and totally accountable to make final determinations.

POLICY: RMI has an open door policy with Sale Offers and Buy Orders being entered into the system and will provide these services freely as a brokerage firm as long as members follow the criteria listed above. RMI holds disclosures as private and confidential information with exceptions herein stated and necessary information provided to our Partners for security and due diligence in the protection of this Market. The Market provides a better dimension in effective communication and Active Due Diligence and works for the success of the entire membership. The sincere intention is to uphold the professional standards of the commercial brokerage industry. The reputations of this Market and those of Brokers, Correspondents, Agents, and Associates who join with RMI are held with the utmost respect.

DISCLAIMER: Rich Markets International (RMI) provides for the use of "The Market" by its participating parties including all agents, clients, buyers and Sellers under the stipulation that all information received in connection with a submission of a request to buy or sell may be used only under compliance with the requirement for Protective Due Diligence. Under the following explicit instructions and as a fiduciary for its entire membership RMI reserves the right to resolve the internal affairs of the Market in accord with its policies, guidelines, Terms and Conditions. In addendum to our published policies and guidelines any and all negative behavior and actions including but not limited to any known or reported, premeditated misrepresentation, malfeasance, criminal incompetence, negligence, fraud, misappropriation, theft, collusion, bribery, conspiracy, lawsuits, judgments, indictments, arrests or incarcerations shall be noted and indicated to the member(s) of RMI as considered appropriate by RMI. The privileges of any member(s) who are so engaged shall be irrevocably removed. In addition principals, buyers and sellers who abuse and misuse the Market through incompetence, lack of effort, rude behavior, non-responsiveness, exorbitant fees, up front or otherwise, promoting broker chains, releasing sensitive information, circumventing legitimate broker or agent commissions and acting in anyway outside of the professional standards sought by this Market shall be listed and noted within our system for review as seen fit by RMI. RMI and any other owners and administrators of this Market shall be held harmless in any action or disclosure of such evidence and shall be provided security from any liability involved through its efforts of due diligence.

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1. Make initial "Contact" with the Buyer or Seller to determine Request Status.
A. Login into the MARKET and view projects by clicking on AVAILABLE TRANSACTIONS.
B. Click on the Blue TRANSACTION # and determine if this a suitable business transaction .
C. If the transaction appears suitable APPLY for the BUY/ORDER or SELL/OFFER information.
D. If you are Approved an Email will be sent to you and you may also click on the link and...
E. Go to the MEMBER MENU select + BUY OR SELL under the TRANSACTIONS area to find the information.
F. If the Transaction is suitable and you are able to proceed go to Step 2 below.

2. Detailed Information will be provided for a secondary determination of status or performance.
A. At this stage RMI expects communication and negotiation to be directly between Buyer and Seller and their Mandates.
B. All parties are expected to update STATUS REPORTS and communications between them of matters of importance.
C. Each Status Report is sent to RMI and the other party engaged in the active transaction.
D. Due Diligence is always the responsibility and must be accomplished at the expense of the parties.
E. If the Buyer or Seller are unable to continue either party may release the project and cancel the transaction.

3. Structure and deliver an "Contract" for acceptance by the Buyer and Seller
A. The Contract must include all transaction details including financing, transportation and other necessary items.
B. The Brokers involved to submit their Mandate and Fee Agreements for inclusion in Settlement Statements.
C. The Buyer and Seller sign off on fee agreements including RMI and include such in Settlement Statements.
D. The Parties transfer Contracts and Closing Instructions and required signatures and deposits are executed.

4. Completion of the "Contract" Documents and transfer from Seller to Buyer.
A. The Seller signs the "Contract" Documents including Fee Agreements, Commercial Transfer Documents and Closing Procedures.
B. Mandate Brokers, Associate Brokers & RMI sign necessary documents and fee agreements.
C. Funds transfer as indicated within the signed and approved Closing Documents and transaction is finalized.