How do I Sign Up with RichMarkets International?
+ You may Sign Up online. Your Email Address will be your Username and be used to Login. To become a Member the RMI requires acceptance of the Terms and Conditions, agreement with the Procedures, a complete application with accurate contact information.

How Do I Enter an Order or Offer with RMI?
RMI utilizes an integrated database system with its web sites to enable easy and effective transmissions of requests throughout its Market. To ENTER Information you must fill out the Sellers or Buyers Questionnaire. This form will take you through a list of questions. If you have already entered your contact information it will be attached to the Order or Offer's information.

When I Enter an ORDER what is the Procedure?
This process is detailed in other areas of the site. Basically, another member who is a Direct Seller, Broker or Mandate will look over Current Orders and determine which is suitable for his company to negotiate a contract with. The Seller will then request contact information and begin a process of negotiation directly with the broker or Buyer.

When I Enter an OFFER what is the Procedure?
This process is detailed as well yet it operates in basically the same manner as above. Another member who is a Buyer, Broker or Mandate for a Buyer will look over Available Offers and determine suitablity for his company to negotiate a contract with. The Buyer will request contact information of the Seller and begin a process of negotiation directly with the broker or Seller.

Are the Costs to be a member of RMI?
RMI currently requires no direct cost to be a Member in order to review and receive information on Orders and Offers. This process is handled by the administration and they may or may not approve contact. RMI represents Buyers and Sellers and their Brokers who are not about to waste time with "Dreamers" who have no experience, capital or relationships which would warrant any further business contact. There are requirements to achieve advancement in this association. RMI may require proof of capacity and verification of mandate relationships with principals and with financial institutions. RMI operates as a commercial brokerage and a Fiduciary Service on behalf of Buyers and Sellers who are involved in commercial negotiations.

How Do Status Reports Operate?
+ Being in clear and continuous communication on what is occurring in the commercial commodity transaction is extremely important for both all parties. RMI's Status Report system allows for a complete and quick overview of the Status on the transaction you are attempting to secure whether you are an Buyer or the Seller. All parties are privileged to see the information if they have been accepted and given permission to access the file. If there is a standstill you may request updates directly from whomever needs to respond to get the project moving again. If there is an impasse then either party may request assistance from Administration to solve the problem. All Status Reports generate an email to the collaborating party to the fact that the Status Report has been updated.

Other Services?
+ Private Email is a new feature that allows Clients and Partners to communicate via our secure web mail system directly to each other using their Account # or Username / email address. The system is off the grid, fast, private and customizable for each project. As privacy and efficiency concerns affect the Internet RMI is solving this problems with better infrastructure.

Future Services?
+ RMI is looking into bringing together new features which will be of great benefit to the Members. Due to the nature of program development it will take time to design, build, test and implement these systems. If as a Member you find there is something lacking in our system which is of great importance please send us an Private Email.