RMI - The Market March 2005

(RMI) Rich Markets International is commodity brokerage and referral system developed to assist in the purchase, management and placement of resources and commodities. The system consists of international associates, brokers, consultants and traders who are diligent and straightforward in their operations. RMI is a working online system for professionals to collaborate and conduct business transactions.

The RMI system was designed for the Natural Resource, Energy and Mining Sectors including commodities such as; Oil, Coal, Natural Gas, Gold, Silver, Diamonds, Copper, Iron, Steel, Timber and various inground and above ground resources both unrefined and refined.

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In understanding the future and developing a relationship with RMI we would like to share with you the vision. This Market Place is a piece of a much larger financial infrastructure or consortium. RMI has a purpose of connecting and empowering professionals who seek to rise to higher levels of commercial business in energy resources and commodities. The Market is a platform where RMI operates and assists in connecting brokers and associates. It requires good communication, consideration, ethics, integrity and performance.

The MarketPlace

If you are seeking to buy or sell a resource or commodity we ask that you Click Here to ENTER a Request This is a short form Questionnaire which provides our members with a quick summary of the type of resource , amount requested and financial situation of the borrower.

Once the resource or request is entered it will be reviewed, when it is accepted by our administrators it will be immediately available to hundreds of brokers, buyers and sellers worldwide. All approved associates of RMI will be able to view the summary but not your name and contact information.

If they prove to have the capability to purchase or deliver they may apply to have this information provided to them by RMI under the terms and conditions of our user agreements. Our Administrative staff will approve only the very best associates and monitor progress through status reports and direct contact

If you are seller or mandate this system works as explained above. RMI does not charge user fees but participates in sales through reasonable commissions as stated in our Terms and Conditions. action/Signup Click Here to signup.


  • No Costs or Fees to Submit or View Offers
  • Immediate Contact Relationship on Acceptance
  • Opportunities with Buyers, Sellers & Brokers
  • Commodities & Resources to Sell or Buy
  • Progress Reports to Track and Update Status
  • Due Diligence on Brokers, Buyers and Sellers
  • Private Imail System for All Approved Members
  • RMI is Paid on Completion of Business Transactions

Compliance includes signed agreements, responsible action, the following of professional protocols. No one in business wants to waste time with dreamers, frauds or scams nor does anyone wish to operate solely on good faith without any verification of performance. RMI will vouch for Members and Associate Partners while resources are being processed from experience and private information. You may be assured that if we state that the "Broker/Lender" who is interested in your resource is capable we have clear knowledge of their status to make such a true recommendation.

The Lender may also request our knowledge of a broker or principal seeking resource funding. When you submit a resource and our administrative staff inspects it and makes it available to lenders RMI must make certain our credibility is not compromised by misleading resource proposals, lack of content, collateral or skilled management.

On the lending side it is also necessary to determine the ability of the "Broker" or "Lender" to perform and so with any question of fact as to the "Broker/Lender's" ability will be backed up by RMI's knowledge of performance and substance. A "Broker/Lender" seeking up front fees to fund resources will be investigated and either found reasonable or removed from the network.

RMI may also act as an intermediary in the process of funding where it is required to avoid the problems of lenders who prey on unsuspecting clients with upfront fees in difficult commercial lending resources.

RMI is revising its contract processes to allow effective and efficient online agreements to be instituted. If you had an account previously understand that this new system bases the username upon your email address. Usernames previously used will not work on the new system.

With your assistance it is the intention of RMI to create a higher standard of performance, communication, ethics and honesty so this network may become a prototype and positive example for commercial lending and financial services. Thank you for being part of and making this commercial lending network more professional and successful.