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Connecting Primordial/Ancient Wisdom and Electric/Celestial Consciousness

The Old Scrolls

Keepers of Ancient Scrolls
Remembering Wayshowers
Silver seas and golden rings
Moons stars pass the galaxies

Flowing dreams and water falls
Knowing when the message calls
Opening mysteries gathering all
Messengers bring the path to walk

Watching each moment pass
Never reminded of the last
Given once and forever on
Touch a moment another gone

Breathing in the ocean’s calm
Goddess incantations charms
Symbols, runes and bones
Memories of standing stones

Red polished jewels set in gold
Silver blue crystals ancient old
Brown manuscript leather stain
Written legends impressions said 

Wishing rooms streams sun yellow
Lovers romance in pure blue waters
Emerald hills forest green meadows
Wonderful passion golden glow

Eyes stream facets of crystal jewels
Abide in time’s dream of illusions
Chalice and pentacles time follows
Magician’s staff and sword of truth

Olden guise druid years on ocean’s coast
Nature’s guard sentinel soft walked path
Wisdom given by deed solemn ceremony
Remain mothers and children of destiny

Hearing the well spring source
Keepers of the Ancient Scrolls
Learning symbols of the poems
Waves rise upon the sacred shores

Teaching the coming Wayshowers
Live on beyond awakening ones
Manuscripts entombed for eons
Remembering dreams of Avalon

Masters of the Wisdom Old
Teachers of Light given bring
Healed hearts divine and bold
Given to give the Golden Ring

Rysa _^_ 8/21/07

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