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Connecting Primordial/Ancient Wisdom and Electric/Celestial Consciousness

Blue Eyes Drip Rain

Anima may peace be in the comfort of white clouds
When the rising tides foam upon the cliffs below
I hear your call and listen to the winds breathe
The sun shall rise in the east and bring healing

In this beautiful place where your purpose rests
Your worthy heart holds the space of the goddess
In peace you are stronger and knowing this is sweet
The tall trees hear your voice sing the words I speak

Gods and Goddesses gather with the family of light
While storms rage and surge with anger and might 
Your gentle spirit sees through the far side of the veil
Speak forth and dance with the wind unfurl your sail

Ocean breezes create the waves that sparkle at night
Tears of eyes reflect and shine with stars in the sky
Gardens of heaven mirror our desires in this life
Please tell me so I may receive love and light

Feelings of friends and family are given to be
A gift and a blessing of our need for intimacy 
Bring emotions that light my way to your door
After the storm blue eyes drip rain of our soul

White clouds comfort our hearts with peace
Tides slowly slipping into the deep dark sea
Winds breathe singing for the listening heart
Golden rays of sun shine heal your divine spark 

All is well in Terra’s dominion
She is the soul of all life given
Peace is her passion and desire
You are her child of sacred fire

Rysa _^_ 7/19/07

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