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Connecting Primordial/Ancient Wisdom and Electric/Celestial Consciousness

Sirius Aligns Within

Through the Dragon's Eye perceive futures of Atlantis and America
Her body torn and disguised drained of her treasure by evil lies
Truth and love the cost of wars before lost while gaining nature's ire
Golden goose brought creation to all before horus crossed the sky

For Freedom we sought Pegasus who shall not reign above Andromeda
To hold the power of the right eye will serve to bring the call of destiny
In history's chalice a poison was given to the kings and their families
Broken promises and shame dishonor of fame lies in the graves

One pointed star shines ten and seven winding down the Path of Heaven
Shifting illusions a current is rising with all great nations flowing down
Run to the mountains the seas rush and tides rise over the cities and lands
Slaves and captains choose last companions the wolves of the moon howl

Dragons and Snakes hunger with pain, venom gathers in desolate terrains
Warning temptations by scaled demons seeking prey in vanished domains
River of Endings dried from its beginnings flowing with sand and dust
Eyes glimmer out of darkened cave shelter where treasure's of old rust

Wisdom of sacred life, fish of the oceans swim towards the Shining Ones
Summer winds of scorching light burn the skin from the reptile tongues
All in All the greatest Kings fall from Honor compromised by deeds done
Eons pass with the setting suns the anointed power not given to this one

Dragon's Eye of fire and light sees through the dream of the black knight
Fear and candor burn through the spine of the shallow armored weakling
Danger damms the bringer of pain to recant the spells in his own name
Babylonian desert blood runs dry as they tunnel for gold long been gone

Song to the Shining Ones the bringers of the Children of the Dawn
Repentance without respite, thirst without quench, bread without wine
Too long a plague upon the chorus chanting to the Goddess of All
Ruby red and sapphire blue the Dragon's Eyes of Orion end time

The right eye red, the blue eye bright, the Silver-Star, the Golden Light
Dragon Heart, snakeskin, the wolf hungers, and the unforgiven
Walk the path, trail of years, upon the skull, bones of tears
Break the bread, fasting wealth, worldly kings poison fed

Atlantis lost, America fallen, Dragon's Eye, Conspiracies Enlightened
Egyptian Dead, Shamballa Calling, Spoken Lies, Mystery's Illusion
Seventy, seven, seven millions of heavens behold the dream again
Awaken the children the Sun is risen, Sirius Aligns within

Rysa _^_ 6/24/07

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