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Connecting Primordial/Ancient Wisdom and Electric/Celestial Consciousness

Dreams of Incan Shamans

Deep blue seas Mountains of the Sun
Dreams of Shaman follow black ravens
Golden Cathedrals gain no honor or blood
Forgone symbols deepening Nature's flood

Star shine guides a ragged traveler to the old peak
Condor files through five hundred years of prophesy
Golden wings soar on the long journey north to seek
Cold rivers of noble Eagles flow less than in memory

Nazca lines strings American lies scarring creation
Lemurian voices singing, Atlantis guides the hand
Eons pass history held reasons for the Golden Sun
Choices come justice, chiefs of tribes command

Shamans hear the Condor of Urin sing alliance
Eagle of Hanan fights the wind flying in defiance
Sails of Spanish gallions priests of the Vatican
Greed of gluttonous nations, vengeance in bastions

Tortured rituals stain the golden path of children
Distant kings ruined kingdoms cursed by ravens
Stones of Ica memories tell of old forgotten origins
Remiss a millennium young still the tree of heaven

Silver priestess sings of Tia-huanaco ruins
Sons of clay of foaming seas, stars and moons
Rivers of flowers trees and floating blossoms
Blue green oceans lands across western horizons

Shaman sees through the galaxy into the dreamer's eye
Seas of memories feelings real and stories tell the wise
Prophesy told comes to truth before the young are old
Inka empire history sold her lies and her sacred gold
Condor flies fast and strong towards the northern goal

This was inspired by Jewels... peace

Rysa 7/09/07 _^_

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