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Connecting Primordial/Ancient Wisdom and Electric/Celestial Consciousness

Sekhmet and the Blue Fire

Sekhmet of ancient light and hidden secrets
The blue star burns for Ra's gift of vision
Ptah calls you home to comfort its spirits
The black cat hunts the blood of the wicked

 Anubis tracks the shadows of men of war
Sister Bast protects joyful love of Hathor
Mystic star of Regulus lights twin flames
Pyramid Priestesses sing the sacred names

Lionness awake the dreaming goddess Bast
Osiris and the jackal pass the moist air of Maat
Nile runs red with blood of dying pharohs
Arise from desert sands the temple of scarabs

Remember initiations of water, wine and life
Isis finds Osiris in the river of the night sky
Falcon flies through the moon and the sun
Messengers of underworlds awaken the one

Sekhmet lusts for blood of her vengeance breathes
Feline passion cleans the pestilence of evil men
Priestess called to stay with the birth of Nefertem
Lotus of cobra snakes the sun from the soil of Neith   

Sekhmet sleeps and dreams the secrets of pyramids
The night is Seth's yet the river always flows within
The Falcon flies one eye blind the other one gold
Hathor heals the vision of Horus the God of Pharohs

For the Lioness and the Liongate

Rysa 7/26/07 _^_

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