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Connecting Primordial/Ancient Wisdom and Electric/Celestial Consciousness

Indigo Alchemy
Amber Stars and Indigo Skies
Lightening strikes forgetfulness
Living dreams dying shadows
Corridors into the caves below

Safety found in silence golden
Covered by nature and disguise
Waiting moon weather changes
Shape shifting amber dragon eyes

Silver bracelet, golden pendant
Star of David, Crown of Thorns
Serpent Medicine, howling wolves
Blue indigo iris sees new worlds
Guild of Seven memories
Calendar signs rising suns
Amber shines indigo rays
Children lead in the last days

Amber Heart citrine and violet
Golden Chalice Magdalene's trail
Dragon's wings burn ruby red
Phoenix flies unseen unsaid

Elder child's dreamed image
Forsaken by nature and place
Shifting sands secret wishes
Hands reach out for love

Embrace given soul to soul
Heart hears too much foretold
Thoughts whisper ear to ear
No one to care, no one to care

Ageless alchemy opens doors
Amber golden shining orbs
Awaken genius from within
Indigo children born again
Rysa 8/11/07 _^_

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