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Connecting Primordial/Ancient Wisdom and Electric/Celestial Consciousness



In the hour of the frozen light
On the shelf behind the mirror
Sits the statue of the female form
Goddess of the image un-adorned

The Knight of strength with Armor Steel
Sword flashes bright and their will reveals
Chains on the noble sons where armed men refrain
The changes on the horizon that speak the same

Hidden in the gilded safe previews the valley’s dawn
Walking amid the moonlight dream no feminine honor
Save my shock to gasp at the traitors blessed gift and grace
Earth mother’s sickness repudiates the guest’s mistake

Who savors the blood of the trouble to be given to the child to bear
In a world where life is earned by the travails through avoiding care
You ask the teachers to speak in the names of men who cast their lost
To seek not the journey within un-shared blessing of the goddess all

Born of love and brought to light, air, sound, fire and soul
Torn from hearts that beckon the Christ to speak, I know you
Entomb the silence forever dead before the spark returns now
Inside the truth he sees on a coin a symbol of the current’s flow

A meaning to the risen one who shines beyond man’s innocence
Is a warrior’s right to lay down on the bed of grief and forgiveness
Glamour, passion, lust and torment a caldron stirred of nothingness
Blessings of a woman’s wish may turn the calling love within bliss

Bridge of life follows paths of dance and ritual in magic arts of Dionysus
Caged hearts no less does know the prison of the soul is pleasures trick
Garner your bets as the wager has traded values for things that disappear
Gather to your flesh clothes to warm your body and share gentle afterglow

A wounded thigh may feel the blade that cuts deep to the bone and bleeds
The sword in the hand of a feeble mind can only scare the frightened sheep
The wolf howls at the night moon, the crow flies south on sorcerer’s wind
The shallow lake reflect the art of the wicked training of predator’s revenge

Torn page from the aged book fly through the darkening sky amid falling stars
Sentences, symbols, geometry drawn invocations calling to the genuine arts
Eyes deep and indigo turn within the focus and follow the spiral stairs on and on
Sired deep within the heart sharing spirit and soul lives an every singing song

Worlds turn for us so life may be born through shared passing of heart to heart
Judgment of the nature of light will guide the pairing layers of soft and hard
Learning of dust and stone, armor and silk of touch and wound and white and gold
Stirring the ancient ground where walked the men who honored her beloved born

Bare to brave the rushing sound of rivers flow and oceans call
Release the wish for flavor sweet of elixir found on the tree veiled
Journey to the unknown valley of giant fantasy and illusive mists
Young son of the walking proud in circles dream the game of gods

Rysa  - 2/18/08

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