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Connecting Primordial/Ancient Wisdom and Electric/Celestial Consciousness


Prophesy of Forever

Under the white golden shroud of the Soul's Garment
The message is given in the languages of all men
She speaks to the mind within the aura of confidence
The bell tones the call of the forgiveness of all sins

The velvet covered bound of scrolls and sacred writings
Held together bonded truth of the violet scribe fountain
Imagined to forecast the days of old where prophesy missed
Given again foresaken dreams told in stories in ethereal mists

Born of one and sun light given through love and oceans sands
Own the land of ages gone to bare another emotion is who I am
Cast adrift on seas of plenty to starve in games of pleasure's field
Dreamed a day was lost in graves in staying in the wayward will

Prophesy told in golden pages with violet writing spelled in blood
Library holds the sacred heavens in light white and underworlds
Your gift is sweet to hear the bliss of a song dreamed by angels
True hearts do mean they sing the hymns of ancients long ago

All they say is to step beyond your present place
All they say is to see through time to now
All is peace when your divine mind is one
One is now when your heart awakens

Forever comes the prophesy to shed the dream of time
History holds the keys of change and challenges fate
Master guides my pen at night towards the tenth gate
A year of wisdom gained healing of the sacred space

All they say is to live in joy
Hold vision on the open door
All they say is to be one in all
Oceans waves surge to the shore

All they say is that you are loved
Gardens grow and flower in spring
All they said was to be the gods
Learn the messages and the laws

Eye to eye and heart to heart
Law of Love and Love of All
Truth is Truth and You are You
The Law of Heaven Commands

One day you will see
One vision all will be
One Way all will go
Sun Light on the sea

Shining ones Golden Glow
Divine Sun Blue and Green
Violet Symbols Speak
Pyramids Listen and Sing

Ancient Initiate guidance brings
Mystical manifestation of dreams
Releasing old pain and new fear
Karma falls and disappears

Walk alone in your forgiven destiny
Ask and remember ancient prophesies
Laws of Heaven command the Dream
Your Life is not what it Seems to be

Rysa  - 12/23/07

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