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Connecting Primordial/Ancient Wisdom and Electric/Celestial Consciousness


Children's Children Awaken Tonight

Pure of heart full and strong
The winds of change come.
Gather within the warm home of light
Await the reign of the Galactic Storm

Grandmother's vision within silent vigil
Tears of compassion for children's children
Heart breaking wars turn their fruits of labor
To the ending of days and beginning of ends

White stone bleeds with serpent skin
Shed under moonlight beams and desire
Lifeless in graves is buried noble dreams
In dead darkness shines divine blue fire

Fifth day done on the morning sun
Blackest night arrives slowly crawling
Spirits of the soul gathers and holds
Harmony of voices sound the calling

From all the lands, trails and places
Walk the told to the vision quest
Of Sky and Earth and Dark and Light
Guides present the favored blessed

Release to be the white flying owl
To seek the night stars and illusions
Hear the song of legends bring to all
A drink of water turned holy wine

Legacy of the Crow speaks the law
Ancestors assemble the tribe to hear
Grandfather tree stands in the great hall
Secret keepers deliver the messages here

The last word invokes magic arts
Drums stop and snake stands up
Silver eyes dance in silent hearts
Skin falls without a drop of blood.

Grandmother covering creation's bed
Rebirth the age linked with silky threads
Catching dreams of children's fears
Weaving spirits into a home of webs

In darkness now the omen changes
Crow comes forth as sages foretold
Law and totem praise medicine givers
Sacred Pipe harmony of stem and bowl

Fire burns through the smoky mirror
Sun dancers rest from the heat of sun
Mountain wolf loyal blood of the moon
Howls in defiance to the invaders war

Restore the balance in defense of lineage
Talking stick broken by ancestry of lies
Tree of Life birthing mid winter
Children's children awaken tonight.

Rysa  - 11/18/07

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