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Being Here

The wars continue, the battles rage, and all is the same day after day
Blood in the streets, they fight for food, the world is entangled and cruel
Saviors and villains stand on their podiums speaking the doctrines again and again
Bombs blast and burn, cities and villages, ravaged and pillage hearts of young men

Tanks roll on dreams, drones against freedom, the last castle is razed to the ground
Sadness attacks anger, vengeance seeks the envious; blight is a traitor's worst memory
The markets are closed, their shelves are empty, the cowards run to praise, the mercenaries  
The desert sun sets, on Babylon's slaves, history's wind blows harsh, against all her enemies

Draped in white, robed in black, the dead are buried in the sands without caskets
Dry and cold, wet and old, the dream is lucid as the soul streams messages
Faced with fright, hope was lacked; the way ahead is to peace and happiness
On tombs of ancient kings the war of men without hearts or feelings live
Hear sounds of heaven's capture of demon arts and weakening sins hid
In terror still the waters flow to the oceans forgiving and loving soul
Path of darkness does not survive the calling of all to return home
Worlds continue, to receive the sun, shining light, always gold
Humans born, to be the ones, blessing life, and always know
Angels sent, to tell the soul, the flow moves towards love's center
Eyes of children, within the soldiers, say forgive me, for being here

Rysa _^_ 10/19/07

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