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Connecting Primordial/Ancient Wisdom and Electric/Celestial Consciousness


One Step at a Time

Follow carefully the steps of the masters
Brought to the windows of mystery
Wisdom comes to feet washed clean
Remember slowly the resonate melody

Joy in the night of hearts where passion lives
She gave everything until the moon fell
He could feel her tears dry in windy sky
Into essence her vigil will faithfully avail

Willow and the rose to a thorn she bends
Painful and shallow the road turns away
Blessed, forgiven in sanctuary and deep peace
Holder of illusive dreams not the master's way

Careless words spoken in anger's pain cost
Helpless hurt by brutish man of no remorse
Pathless prisoner wounds bleed with destiny
Priestess tears pool into a mirrored symmetry

Narcissus and Romeo light a dream of tragic fire
One in lost escape, another in rage and blood's desire
Persephone and Juliet sacrifice life for the higher
The Sun sets on the romanced, her heart turns cold

Given spirit taken back and hiding all alone
Bringers of heaven's gift of inner bliss and greater love
Maiden's eye reflection on a gypsy's crystal ball 
Singers rhyme the harmony to the elf and faire songs

Recant the cut, the wound born by women wronged
Challenged in lust by man torn by being so far
High on a mountain, cold, naked, understanding none
Eden brings dust, wind in a valley where no rivers go

Masters wait at the gate of seasons in spring and summer
Given ways to create new experience after fall and man in winter
Young heart's broken half bleeds into the melting snow
Woman feels the sun shine and feels the streams of rivers flow

Turn and see the light awaken the fertile soil and mother land
Hold your higher heart and shine the inner light of understanding
Stepping stones carefully placed mark a well trodden path ahead
Helping faithfully guide the way and hold to the divine plan

Beauty and grace are given for your life is cherished
Always you are blessed by the masters of the race
Take a step and follow and smile with each breath
Care for the one you see behind your smiling face

Rysa _^_ 9/14/07

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