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Connecting Primordial/Ancient Wisdom and Electric/Celestial Consciousness


Turning Point

At the Turning Point
Messages are Heard
Within Resonant Fields
Life calls us to Serve

Wheel of Heaven Spins
Lights of Sky Images within
Love Opens Giving Hearts
On Green Fields of White Stone

Dreamer Remember to Dream
Vision Magic Conjure Spirit Wind
Sacred Circles of Light and Tone
Following pathways around and round

Angels in Gateways Guiding Sound
Round the World from Root to Crown
Shimmering Radiant Light Beings
Opening Energy Receiving Ground

Turning Round the Sun of Suns
Converging Streams Become One
Sacred Circles of Light and Tone
On Green Fields of White Stone

Past the Turning Point
Stars Say the Word
Vision of Radiant Will
Light is Always Bliss

I Am the Call to Heal
I Am Becoming Real
All is All That Is

Rysa _^_ 5/04/07

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