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Connecting Primordial/Ancient Wisdom and Electric/Celestial Consciousness


Angry Dogs

Fox Creeps into the Wooded Glen
Chickens scratch for bugs and worms
From its hole it hath emerged
Stalking Hunger’s deepest urge

Sly One slips by the guarded gate
Prey stirs in knowing fear
Prison walls closing in
Terror screams as victim nears

Master of trickery moves inside
Passing shadows dreadful eyes
Imperiled destiny arrives entombed
Feral teeth rip flesh and bite to bone

Predators and Prey active in conflict
Nature’s concourse through darkness
Bestial force full of foul fantasies
Callous infusion for a deadly alliance

Weakness bends in agile swiftness
Surprising gifts betray the vicious
Witness the games and challenges
Experience the dimensions of beings

Conduct, order and enterprising ethics
Establish concord and appreciate the blameless
Concern overturned justice without blindness
Prejudice unfurls obscene hubristic bias

Meek, mild satisfying and truthful
Realize lies of vengeance are exposed
Teach my allies abundance for the supple
Intelligence enlightens a labyrinth disclosed

Conceal no longer the crawling predator
Guardians awaken sleeping victims
Reveal boundaries and walls of pride
Shielding by strong wills and inner wisdom

Fox has no place to hide
Garden is safe from his surprise
Prey is freed from hunger’s charge
Fox flees to the woods chased by the angry dogs

Rysa _^_ 5/17/07

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