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Connecting Primordial/Ancient Wisdom and Electric/Celestial Consciousness


The Clan of Spiders…

From the sinew of inner darkness and desire
Webs of deceit widen the heat of the black fire
From the empty hearts of the ugly creatures
Stay in the pillar of light with the ancient teachers

Victims wrestle away from the Clan of Spiders 
Letting go of dreams of want and lack and ire
Holding on the past of decay and death and dire
Edge away from fear your brother’s arm doth tire

Harder and harder struggle in painful witness
Vicious creatures closer in the darkness
Consciousness adverse against existence
Closed behind doors images step in silence 

Dry dust waterless crevice on the ledge
Fly ghosts of past hopes given to dread
Spiders tangle knots and stick in webs
Paralyze hosts that lived now are dead

Hordes captured masses lifelessly subjective
Eyes flickered wings quiver faintly subside
Black spider draws to paint a bloody backside
Castigate reprobate executing infanticide

The viaticum mutates the surgeon’s honor
Mythic lies cover the serpent tongue
Tendrils of Anubis priests drone 
Cave of voices before the golden throne

Now the rising tide of time befalls
Fear witnesses of the cosmic thaw
Caverns amidst the earthen dome
Hades haunts the primal crawl

Wherein the lair the clan doth dwell
In halls left bare by the idols pride
Within the gash a creatures spell
Lies the fallen age of a kingdom lost

Visages of guests wounds of spite
Venomous dry stench inflicts defeat
Soulless shallow hearts retrenched
Crowned dishonor sickness of deceit

Jailed in shackles by ties to evil
Feared and thankless whispering seers
Turn away or take a shadow’s promise
Crossing Covenants the fictitious wish

Darkened Son no prodigal forgiveness
Wasted vigor for sinful willingness
Cast from the valley of honey and clover
Poisoned forever by the Clan of Spiders

Radiant sun emerge align with Sirius
Where the presence again shines in
Stairway of ancients paths converge
Eagles flies through Phoenix Fires

Bright translucent aspirant of peace
Grieve the shamed victim to release
Retain honor for wisdom’s spirit
Shall arrive to hold the altar’s gift

Written within a bell of truth
Marked by valor’s sword of light
Seen upon the Ring of Gold
Blood of Fire and Enlightenment

Rysa _^_ 5/30/07

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