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Connecting Primordial/Ancient Wisdom and Electric/Celestial Consciousness

The Judgement Hall - Through the Lion's Gate
Through the lion's gate to life
Into the sky dreamer's mind
Speaking the language of light
Dancing on the winds of change
Nature calls the violet teachers 
Caldron's spins a ring of flame
Saturn brings the ancient gods
Passion stirs a pungent tang
Sacred circle of cosmic fire
Dark aroma roast ending hours
Queen of Kings shed her clothing
Prince and Paupers test the waters
Seduce mystery iridescent raven
Once innocent in mourning drone
Spells entrance the drifting vane
Winding paths deepening alone
A lion, dragon, angel and bull
Wind, rain, thunder and stone
Mark of death,  killed by the idols
Pyramids, temples and golden domes
Grave of Light in her chamber deep
River of Stars trace the flood of sleep
Queen of Night in heart's testimony
Emerald scarab waits in final ceremony
Pride of the Lioness hunts the Beast
Into the wilderness passages repeat
Gate of the Lion, Book of the Dead
White Nile blue into desert sands red
First gate opens the darkened son Seth
Dead howl welcomes the Jackal's guest
Divided by two the four curse and bless
Black Lake flames enshrined three hours
Anointed life risen blue lake calms
Goddess serpents coil, red fire burns
Feather of soul, measures grace or fall
Treatise of gates now in the judgment hall
Underworld light, dark magic squares
Gather fallen spirits, to be judged here
Weather of rain and heat, punishing demons
Pillars of Stone, harnessed lives or freedom
Old One drives the snake underground
Celestial sky calls scarabs and falcons
Griffin Serpent prays to King of Lions
Under the world now through hour eleven
Eastern entrance mysterious waves emerge
Lion's Gate of Goddesses brings blessed birth
Rising Sun of Day, Ra shines across ancient seas
Dreamed final passages, Queen of Kings mystery
Ruler of the Dead rises out of the judgment hall
Queen of initiates transmutes gold, silver and stars
Radiant beams travel through dimensional gates
The shining one resurrects and the dead all awake
Rysa 8/12/07 _^_

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