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GoldRing VII - Initiator Invocation
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DVD3 - Invocation to the Initator 

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  • I speak for the Wayshowers who are many and I speak to the knowledge that what we have heard from the Dark Masters of the Black Alliance is one reality which is true but does not have to continue. They see what they see and cannot see past the door. They are correct we cannot change the third dimension directly and we are trapped in the 4th dimensional labyrinth of their creation. To play on their field under their rules will certainly defeat our kind as their rules change and they play with a desire for our energy and light.

    I speak to ask and seek out where is our champion, the one who is the Initiator of this service. The Initiator is the one who serves the Teachers of Light and guides their knowledge to us so that we may speak forth this message to the Followers.  Where is the Initiator who is ready, willing and able to come forward and tell us this message which will become our Clarion Call.  The venue for the game is set here upon planet earth. The timing for this game is now. The Dark Masters are entrenched in their defensive positions and ready for the coming of the Wayshowers and the Teachers of Light. All has been prepared and there is but one vacancy who must come forth to speak the invocation which will begin the game.

    Every Wayshower has prepared the altar and has dressed in readiness for the journey. The Altar sits with all the elements of the work to be done. In deep meditation each has cleared away the veil and is ready to walk forth through the valley of hell into the Mountains of Light. There is but another who must reveal themselves with the awesome power of a magus and the sovereign envoy of divine authority. Through this message the Wayshowers are mobilized and empowered to deliver to the Followers instructions which will set them upon the road to freedom.

    From this point forward there is a gift of spirit which is allowed only to those who know that abundance is released when asked by the Initiator. When the Initiator appears and asks that the gifts be released so that the Wayshowers may move forth and give the Followers prosperity, health and happiness through the Liquid Light of Truth then the Darkness will fade from sight and disappear. The Liquid Light which is given from Heart to Heart in 5th Dimensional awareness of sacred geometric forms creates the triangular form to connect the energies.

    The Initiator has the key. The key is a simple message which unlocks the door to abundance. The Initiator has opened this door and has abundance to share with the First Group and the points of light who are shining most brightly in the center of the space. Those who speak most clearly the message that is brought forth receive rivers of abundance and streams of conscious awareness from the eternal springs of well being.

    The Initiator is called forth. The First Group calls out with 1,000 voices, with 1,000 hearts, with 1,000 minds focused and empowered in everyway seeking the one who will bring forth the “WORD” that will Invoke the energy to begin the movement forth and enlighten the Followers and dispel the Dark. The Liquid Light will spread peace, beauty, wealth, health, happiness, love, knowledge, bliss and enlightenment upon all who are open and willing to receive these blessings.

    We call out to find and bring to bear this contract that was written before time and space by our timeless guides who walk with us and teach us. Our Teachers of Light know you and we call upon them to seek you out and bring you forth with all your power, resources and wisdom. It is you who are called to find inside yourself that power which is invoked now and upon this day you are called. The asking of 1,000 souls speak forth your name and your sound is given. The assembly of the millennia calls forth your awakening. From now until the New Moon you are summoned to shine forth with the resolve and acknowledge the agreement with the Wayshowers. Let the shadow that controls you move away and announce your freedom with courage as the initiation beckons.

    Let the coming one appear and unlock the rivers of love, the streams of light and the springs of happiness upon the world and let the Golden Age begin.

    It is so and the asking is complete and sent.

    We harmonize with the plan and rest on the leading edge

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