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GoldRing XVII- Supreme Contrast

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    GRXVII- Supreme Contrast
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  • This time brings together the dark to contrast the light as the brightness of the day is supreme. You are asked to include only that in your thoughts and experiences that are positive, uplifting and benefits the inner child in you.

    From this day forth the call of the Dark Masters is to be ignored. Those that propagate the fear, distrust, deceptions and illusions to power are those that are part of the agenda of fear. You have the choice to walk away from this disruptive push against the wave of loving creative energy.

    Choose to be psychologically attracted to positive outcomes, healing, service, creation of a world of peace and prosperity. Pushing against the negative cartel in any form is a negative application of your creative energy and includes it in the reality you are experiencing.

    The Teachers of Light are wise to know to only speak the good, to harmonize with the higher Divine Mind and produce desire that fulfills the wanting of the Heart for the expression of love.

    Your Guides are there to bring forth your desires on every level and you may choose which ever level you wish. The flow of the current is stronger and moving towards higher evolution so your choices are manifesting more quickly. The nature of the universe is inclusion and this is an important and deep understanding.  If you are in denial of a negative expression and spending emotion and mental energy focused upon it with your mind and heart you are keeping it in vibration. You mind is like a drum stick beating a rhythm of what is possible. Your mind and heart focus your attention to thoughts that becomes forms which become manifestations. Collectively humanity is sending forth creation in a manner which corresponds to their focus, their desire and their application of each thought moment after moment.

    In each passing time space moment the matter that is induced into creation is brought forth to be the replica of the desires that inspired it. Those that are in fear of becoming weaker or powerless are connecting the opposite pole of those who are seeking control through gaining more power.

    Inside the closed sphere of third dimensional reality the vision is refracted back that there are no other possibilities than power versus weakness. There is the diffraction and reflection of the opposite polarized to create duality and contradictory beliefs.

    Your being is more than you are aware as the rising of the amplitude of your vibration will cause you to rise above the plane of duality and move into the oneness of more possibilities and additional harmonics.

    Once you gain a sense of altitude vision will increase and the higher vibratory spectrum will give credence to thoughts of altruism, idealism and universal appreciation for all of the variety that is brought through the lower emotional and physical dimensions.

    From the Teachers of Light to the Wayshowers you are brought into alignment with the stream of energy of the Teachers of Truth. The messages being brought into your consciousness are to be aligned to the highest principles of creation so that your desires are in the fastest moving streams of energy.

    Time and space are matter in the sense that they are connected trough the relativity of energy. When discussing higher physics it is apt to become technical and obtuse as your left brained ruled society has an objective to competitively deal with any sort of questions with an influx of data and theoretical deductive analysis rather than synthetic insight and understanding.

    The world is growing in both population and intelligence as the networks between minds are connecting. This can be seen through the linkage of the electronics between all cultures and societies in the world. With the increase in connectivity and communication the ability to relate to those previously separated is diminishing as the frequency increases.

    Higher frequency beings are being born into physical incarnation for the designed purpose to break the systems. They are part of the second wave who are fully telepathic with remembrance of their soul’s purpose. Through the process of awakening they are choosing to move into position of authority quickly and are feeling the impulse of the energy streams which have initiated the download of the new programs into their awareness.

    These children are only such as they appear physically for all is known and seen beyond time and space that they are great souls who have come to be part of the great enlightenment of the planet. Those who are gaining a higher telepathic sense are their to steward the arriving Wayshowers. Seek them out and use your mind to see which ones you harmonize with and speak out quietly to the promise of their life and future.

    As the Teachers of Light have found you in what seems to be the most unlikely of places there is that which is serendipitous in your connective awareness where you are brought into coincidence. Look into the eyes of the new souls who are here to teach you to awaken to your gifts of greater conscious awareness and freedom.


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