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  • ..Special Instructions for Wayshowers..

    To learn about the usage of your new light body it is proper to first be aware of its most integral physical parts which are connected into the third dimensional reality. The light body is manifested through the seventh dimensional matrix to the third dimensional level of manifestation. In has been grown out of the material manifestations of gravitational core essence.

    The seed as taken root in the first dimension then absorbed the nutrients of the second dimension, manifested life and form in the third dimension and is sustained by the profusion of light and life from above through the ethers of fourth dimension quantum varieties. The fifth dimension is the wholistic connective field where all is the flow. It is the Tao of time and space, the waters upon which all creation moves and finds its essence, substance and oneness.

    It is upon the sixth dimensional grand sacred geometric pattern of universal intelligence that the waters form creation. Within the seventh dimensional liquid light all that flows is given impulse through the portals of guidance.

    The Seventh Dimension is managed through the influence Andromeda and is the seed, or essence and core of the physical manifestation which has been decreed by higher intelligences to occur in harmony with the plan of every expansion and enjoyment.

    Seventh dimensional vibratory energies are engaged through the alignments of space time agreements between the souls incarnated to play the roles of seers of reality. Through the voice within the void between the twin galaxies the portal is opened like that of the eye which sees through to the other side which is inside.

    X marks the spot and it is the point of contact between the two galaxies that brings together bliss, rapture, paradise and enlightenment. It is the connection between Andromeda and the Milky Way centered upon the earth which allows for the new creation to occur. As physical beings and being in space and time distant from the center point the X you are still connected through the telepathic portal which brings with it the omnicentric powers of infinite vibratory entrainment. 

    Your high heart or center of the Zygote is connected to the single point of light which resides in the Pineal Gland and is shielded by crystal which is becoming the light stream to a holographic projector of your thoughtscape.  This revelation begins to tie together the elements of planned and unplanned evolution. Simultaneous changes within the structure of the universe are allowing the ascendance of additional harmonics.

    All Sound and Light move in spirals off of central strands of mediated energy. When Sound runs into a barrier there is a 180 degree change in phase flipping the reflected wave over so that interferes with the original impulse or incident wave.  The portal is a cylinder of light which is directly shining to the planet which is attached to a far distant point in Andromeda.

    Equal distant between that point and the earth is the X  where the two Galaxies meet in the void where there is complete balance and where the portal is opened like a lens that directs a beam of light without any refraction. Due to the length of the space time distance between galaxies this center point is centered in exact 360 degree phase so that the central node of the resonant standing waves from the opposing points are in alignment and entrained harmony.  The opposing pulsations produce longitudinal waves between them that are aligned, attuned and in phase.

    The alignment is to increase expression and experience of the creators. The breath of life is sound for its movement outward in a longitudinal wave is the original pulsation with the resultant rhythm of in breath. Thus begins the original standing waves of the atomic particles vibrating into and out of existence within the quantum field.  This is the alpha and omega, the hyper sphere and cube expressed in creation. They are the primal units of intelligence and the substance of all beings.

    The breath is carried within an electromagnetic force field which moves upon the vibrating streams or strings of primal energy. In this new birth the consciousness is being brought to center, where the heart is activated through the vertical horizontal axis. The vertical axis of ascendant energies is received through the Pineal Gland and the single atom of the soul which is held there as the seed of soul. The ground of being is the horizontal axis which is held in the zygote of the original cells that brought forth the manifested being.

    The original cells of the body are constructed in synergy with the universal manifestation of life. Our two galaxies are interwoven in marriage and have brought forth the creation of existence through this interrelationship. Streams of electromagnetic energy expand through further creation which is restorative, regenerating and resurrecting. Through this process there is a point at which connection is made. The connection is made at the point which is geometrically equally distant so that the harmony may be balanced and in phase on the vertical and horizontal axis within the Alpha Sphere and the Omega Cube.
    This is the Arcturian Alignment.


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