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GoldRing XVIA - Portal Guidance

Portal Guidance Goldring
DVD8 - Grand Illumination

  • GRXVIA - Portal Guidance
    GRXVIB - Opening the Crown Chakra
    GRXVIC - Special Instructions for Wayshowers
    GRXVII- Supreme Contrast
    GRVIII - Grand Illumination-Andromedan Enlightenment

  • ..The Wayshowers awaken to the promise of the enlightenment and they are here and born into this Now with purpose and commitment.  From this point of integration in the Game of the Gold Ring this message is to reveal the portal through which all will be involved in higher consciousness.  The ones who are awakened have found that they are clear and constant in their understanding of the plan of creation. They understand the messages being sent from the central heart of the universe to the Galactic Gateway. This is the time of transformation and so it is the time to awaken.

    The awakening is to see, to see beyond, to see within, see the future within the now and feel past in what is, to see, feel and hear the ethereal realms of being. The portal of integration is where your chakras are aligned to harmonize with and experience the ascendancy of oneness. Wayshowers are guiding the great sounding forth of higher dimensional light into manifestation.

    The Teachers of Light hold fifth dimensional consciousness patiently allowing the Wayshowers to move through the thick substance of the third and forth dimensions and assist the masses to rise from sleep and dreams. Wayshowers are becoming fully clairvoyant seeing beyond physical reality and becoming masters of fifth dimensional synthetic mental activity. Wayshowers have lifetimes of knowledge within time space streams understanding the invisible, the unseen, the mysterious and the illusions within the lower dimensional fields of complex extensive and expansive energies.

    The multiplicity of these realms engage intelligence in releasing billions upon billions of thoughts through mental activity which coalesce into images, colors, rhythms, feelings, desires, melodies, animations and scenes of great variances and possibilities and manifestations of thought forms and real things. The Mind/Brain operates as a device that focuses, accentuates, enhances and increases the fulfillment of that which is acted upon. When it is in alignment without contradiction of energies then the energy is singular and proceeds to manifest. Humanity has evolved to new level to interpret and to activate increased intensities and frequencies from beyond the level of third dimensional reality.

    The Divine Golden Key the human body is which unlocks to gateway the fifth dimension. The enlightened and educated use of the higher senses is the next step in human evolution. From this point forth; this now and upon hearing, feeling, knowing, reading or believing that this acceleration of energy is the plan of action for the human race is actual and the manifested outcome of thoughts, emotions and actions in accord with the law of the universe.

    With the Arcturian Alignment your new program has been installed and humanity has expanded mental, emotional and psychic functions. In this program are many changes which allow for transformation beyond the third and fourth dimensional barriers. The program releases all previous ties to negative influences of the Dark Masters who are unable to access the higher programs and are subject to the degradation of the existing systems. The Dark Masters are caught within the bubble of their own realities without connection to the higher broadband communication streams.
    As the Teachers of Light speak - You are now born into the light of the New Sun. You are a Star Being and the non physical manifestation of who you have become and always have been. You are the energy and likeness of a shining star.

    You are a glorious intelligent loving creation that is one with the movement of all that is. You are welcomed upon the River of Light. This river is being guided to the homecoming of full enlightenment.  Your body is the Golden Key to the divine life and your light vibration is being raised to be brought into alignment through the assistance of the Arcturians. You are a physical body in vibration and a radiating light body. The functioning of your systems and energies are being set in alignment so you may pass through the portal along the guided pathway. 

    The Sun is God and God is Light. The physical sun, Sol is part of your divine heritage. Understand God is the Sun and the Sun is God and you are made from the essence of each in a simple recognition of infinite expanding oneness. Your life, light, breath and personal ray of energy is part of the Sun’s Heliosphere. Breathe with the Sun and enjoy the full breath of pranic immersion and breathe deeply the breath of light.

    You are able to breathe more fully through your higher heart and through the crown chakra. The Thymus and the Pineal are being activated by higher energetic beams. The Thymus provides you with the gift of compassion, empathy and unconditional love. It is where your bliss is manifesting. Your soul is interwoven into your body and the Pineal connects with the Divine Mind to bring increased telepathic and clairvoyant abilities. Bring forth the message of your new found Love and Will to produce the blessings, the gift of pure love and true knowledge. Your High Heart is filled with love and wisdom and is the passionate receptacle of the truth. Your Mind is open to receive Truth.

    Wayshowers have come from all walks of life seeking to join a planetary Golden Age movement. They have walked paths which have gone through religion, the arts, philosophy, psychology, humanism, ecology, social service and caring for others. In occupations and living through experiences thoughts, desires and feelings are manifested towards finding the Truth. The Truth brings Freedom. Once you choose to allow the Truth to be revealed you are awakened to the path of evolution and brought into the beam of enlightenment.

    Thoughts are like the leaves of the tree that blow in the breezes changing every second and are impermanent. They do not last through the seasons. The tree grows strong and is sustained by the great forces of earth, water, sky and sun. The great message here is thoughts like leaves clothe the tree but neither are leaves the tree nor thoughts you. You and the great tree are deeply rooted in the ground of the earth and also grow into the sky with life and destiny of a harmonized spiritual being. What is here is the intention to grow and be in alignment with your nature and love all that you are into being.

    You are one with all things. Thoughts that are bound and combined bring together feeling and grow stronger and stronger the more each thought is repeated or vibrated by focusing of your mind. You are beginning to feel changes in your world as the barriers to higher sensory perception are breaking down or humanity is evolving to grow into a being of higher psychic capacity.


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