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..You are born into individuality so that you are limited to one viewpoint so there can be singular awareness.  The division of consciousness is apparent to you as there are many minds that are existing as you are yet you do not have internal access to these minds. You can hear them, see them, feel them and understand the differential between your consciousness and theirs yet they are distinct and beyond un-crossable boundaries.  These boundaries are designed within the system and they are more than temporal spatial border between physical bodies they are part of a limitation of consciousness based upon a matrix which is singular and separate.

The overall energy is mind yet the mind is contained within cells which are distinct and very much particularized the third dimension. At death there is a disappearance from the reality and there is dissolution into the sea of consciousness and nothing remains of the being that had existed.  Reaching the next level of existence requires the collectivization of time and space in order to manifest continuity. What this means is that you must harmonize the keys between the dimensions in such a manner that all the doorways are unlocked and there is a synthesis of vibration through harmonic entrainment.  Once this is accomplished all the dimensions are in harmonic vibration and there is a completion of the tone throughout the particular soul vibration.

From the stand point of all that are seeing the phenomena they understand that that all the frequencies that are in harmony with the base tone are in vibratory alignment. The question of fullness, of integrity of consistency within the system is measured in accord with all the frequencies on the basis of their connections to the primary essential energy which is light. 

Light is neither positive nor negative it is without polarity. It also is weightless and is telepathic. It acts both as a particle and wave. It is fundamental etheric non-specific dimensional substantive essence. Liquid light is the water of spirit which is the essence of soul which combines with thought feeling to experience life.

The Golden Key is comprised of the biological human DNA strand made up of the coagulation of essence from the second dimensional chemical life force with the primal metallic substance of the first dimension. The Golden Key is the energy of exotic metals which are derived from the first and second dimensional energies to enhance the receptive capacity of attunement of the third dimensional manifestation with the fourth dimensional probabilities fields of panoramic quantum integration. Together they comprise the Key to unlock the Fifth Dimensional Doorway.

From the point of light between galaxies higher intelligences of the Divine Mind change the superstructure of space time. The Arcturian Alignment provides harmonious alignments to extend to those Wayshowers predestined to accept substantial growth of soul desire and creative capacity. The star Arcturus and the Andromeda Galaxy align to channel seventh dimensional foundational energy for the grand awakening of the Milky Way Galaxy. Wayshowers you are to awaken the unenlightened and to bring forth this destiny. Through the portal of the fifth dimensional doorway the Andromedan impulse of ultraviolet light has been emanated to restart the system and initiate a new abundant and joyous paradigm.

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