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..You are being advanced into the new realm of mature creation and out of the children’s sandbox of adolescent creation. This instruction is the vision of the music of the spheres.

The more you release the fear, worry and control programs of the past the Dark Masters of the Black Alliance are seen as adolescent lost souls who have held control over third dimensional reality. In these thousands of years of time it is a very short stream of consciousness and one these souls are inclined to leave yet they utilize fear and believe in it. Their energy is limited and held in stasis or quarantined from leaving this plane of existence which leaves them in a reoccurring loop until awakened into oneness. Their timeline of control is unraveling as the stream of energy it exists upon is now being deflected and weakened by the alignment with other energies bringing higher frequency energetic light to the Earth.

A great evolutionary progression allows humanity to receive abundance from the lowest to highest form of currency, love, appreciation, trust and compassion. The stream flows free with light becoming a great river. Knowing how to trust and surrender to the flow of the current’s power of this grand evolution brings about the ascension. Give up demands for control, let go and be at one with the greater being. As an older soul you are mature and are aware. It is not your way to attempt control over the channels or to be one expecting rewards or the status of central powers to make these changes. You are within the channels of a great river of light in harmonic vibration with divine musical energies manifesting and creating new universes.

Teach the difference between collective and individual power. As an individual you are limited by specific timelines where your being is focused and finite. As the collective you are infinite being in non-physical realities with unlimited awareness. Your ability to communicate, share and acknowledge truth is universal while as an individual you deal in facts and perspectives which limit your intelligence.

As a Divine Golden Key you are a steward for those seeking the first path. This is the path of Truth. Open the door to love that brings forth a collective agreement which is the community of family where all is shared within the relationship. The truth is to be brought forth in the form of gifts and education. So as a healer you give and as a teacher you educate or help those that ask remember their divine heritage. All is given to the family and all that is, is given of higher intelligence and creative love. The first path brings about completion and fulfillment of the individual born within oneness which is enlightenment.

The fifth dimensional realm of abundance brings forth flowering and understanding about the origination. Third dimensional limitations, timelines filled with stress, pressure and drama are held in closed structures, circular loops and boxes of fear. The third dimensional challenge engaged your desire through contrast and difficulty. The incomplete systems disintegrated universal power into particular control centers whereby energy was directed by the elites who held power over. The change occurring to this status quo ends elitist culture of dictatorial deception.

Wayshowers teach and share abundance. They quench with knowledge, service and compassion the deserts of emotional disempowerment, financial scarcity and self-hate with love, forgiveness and appreciation. In renewal life regains vitality and springs forth with transformed vigor and expression.

Initiators are called for and awaken. Calls and requests from the Wayshowers send forth the energy of abundance which is answered through their capacity. Wayshowers increase the flow and accelerate the changes. The Dark Masters feel their control and power slipping away from them and their funds, power, control, magic disappear. You are here to be the Great Awakeners, You are Wayshowers.

Wayshowers are wise old souls who know the way who understand the path and are the Divine Golden Keys to the Doors that open up the streams of the Great River that leads to oneness. Wayshowers are benevolent and see the game and the work clearly. A fantastic flow of information, currency and gratitude for resources has initiated the un-traveled path the Wayshowers have asked for. It is given now because you are one, you are in agreement and you are here as destiny has provided so that in this passage of time, the movement of galaxies, the turning of stars, the transition of societies your contract can be fulfilled and honored. The war is over and peace has entered as the sun of returning golden light is shining.

The Teachers of Light speak forth a message to those who are waiting. The wait is not longer possible for you to sit upon the threshold. The resources you have patiently awaited approaches like immense wave cresting onto the shoreline. The impulse activated by your wishes, hopes, dreams, beliefs and desires rushes forth in the near future. This wave moves rapidly breaking, releasing, washing away old patterns of existence. Move forward to being who you have always known you are.

The opening of the vortex increases the power coming down around and into these channels to overflow the third dimensional banks, governments, religions, corporations, organizations, managers and supervisors who seek to contain the transformative power of the universe. The wave of golden light is released by your thoughts. It is a force of enormous power, a tidal wave emanating forth from a central galactic pulse called by your collective aspirations.

Take heed and know that those who hold and keep their energy trapped inside the old paradigms are facing a radical shift of power. A pathway is opened and upon this super energetic pathway comes the energy of a million suns streaming forth light in its first wave. There are those who will know when the wave arrives there is chaos as everything is transformed.

Allow this timeline to settle in the higher dimensions as you are in agreement with the purpose and plan of this greater revolution. Wayshowers are here to bring forth the passage to the higher dimensions, guide, enlighten and be compassionate...

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