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GoldRing XIVA - Divine Golden Keys -
DVD 7 Divine Mind


GRXIVA - Divine Golden Keys I
GRXIVB - Divine Golden Keys II
GRXVA - Door to the Golden Age
GRXVB - Essence of Divine Mind
GRXVC - Fifth Dimensional Doorway

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..Welcome you have arrived and we have been watching as you have been given instructions and allowed the time to complete your part with this new transmission. The sphere of reality is brought into focus and you will learn of the science of dimensions, the feeling of spirit and the sacred design of the universe.

Your light shines forth with the wisdom of the old souls arriving with power and purpose. You bring the resources and abilities to light up the world. The collective of old souls is the generation of the Family of Light coming into power within the political, economic and cultural structures. The fundamentals have changed and the magic of sacred energies are empowering creative ideas, not limitation nor material things. Part of your mission is obtaining the perspective of oneness with the primary activity of universal enlightenment. The agreement you follow is your contract to be the Teachers of Truth and the Healers of Love for the Family of Light.

The Teachers of Light Speak forth as you ask them for management, direction and support. As you ask them for advice they return and open to you the wonders of your powers. In the cosmic sense they are non physical beings who are channeling requested thoughts into your conscious awareness.

Dear ones who have walked the course of history and have seen the unfolding dominion of the Black Alliance over the world of Ea now you see its dissolution. Believe and see the truth and be the ones who bring forth the keys to opening the doors to the higher energies. Your time of power to create the vision of your hearts is one step away from manifestation.

You are here to bring about the transformation to be that which is asked for and always wanted. You are guides into the new age and leading the Family of Light on the first path. You have known that this time would come and you would be asked to honor your agreement. You knew that you would be brought forth to take up the challenge and be one of the leaders of the transformation. The Teachers of Light watch you look upon the path. The path is joyous and continuous. It is your decision when to move upon this path and to walk beyond the veil.

Do you understand that you are a Key, a Divine Golden Key which unlocks the doorway to a secret passage into the realms of the Universes. When you unlock the entry a timeless treasure a Golden Light will stream through you and you will be able to flow on this lighted pathway. Allow your body to become a creative central strand of energy and hold and attune to the vibration of the Golden Path. The Teachers of Light honor your passage into co-creation.

Agree again to be a Divine Golden Key. Remember you are a vibration of the universe which is a symphony of our sacred reality. In this moment feel this tone pulsate with power and resonance. Create attunement and harmony within all your relations.

You are a Divine Golden Key. Share the way to those of the family who are asking, wanting, believing and seeking entrance into a state of oneness. From the higher non physical dimensions the revision of the third and fourth dimensions has occurred. It is complete. In the various timelines of your fourth dimensional probabilities the endless meanders of the streams are unifying and the confusions are being brought into oneness with the Golden Pathways. Recognize in the higher states of consciousness everything radiates in attunement.

As oneness as the Family of Light increases, humanity feels a lessening pull from the forces of left brain analytical focus. Implementation of separation, division, fear and disconnection between incarnated souls in spatial temporal fixation cannot be maintained as the vibration of thought increases with the advent of the Golden Light. The Dark Masters can no longer hold back the waves of energy which are being sent out from the center of this galaxy.

Your agreement with purpose is to be the Key and to open the doorways to perception so limitations disappear and new opportunities, view points, realities are created in harmonious union. When the world becomes open to being one family, one collective, one intention, one agreement the result is universal enlightenment.

The celestial golden light returns to shine forth you cross the threshold and enter into the realm of other worlds, new galaxies and become a creator within the universe. The gift of timelessness and the awareness of freedom is the ability to experience without limitation. The mission to be Teachers and Healers in the lesser dimensions and part of the lower densities is to be the Divine Golden Keys. You are the central agency that opens doors for those seeking pathways to experience higher dimensions and many mansions.

A Wayshower is an older soul with a gift of experience and knowledge from being born awakened. You have remembered the truth of existence and have intrinsic knowledge, belief and intuition with confidence and talent to lead the way. In your incarnation your life experience enabled you to entrain the talents, skills and abilities that molded, etched and shaped your thoughts to carry exact vibratory resonance with your higher non-physical characteristics. In this exposition the world is connected and this world is one piece of an elaborate and complex series of bonded timelines manifesting the acceleration, transformation and integration of higher planes. In being a Key to unlock the energies and release them into manifestation into the deeper densities and lower dimensions a Wayshower understands alignment, attunement and stability are ingredients of creation. Wayshowers bring into manifestation harmony which depends upon the steady character of rhythmic pulsations producing the ground for which clear melodic progressive patterns can be created.

The Arcturian Alignment is part of the harmonic process of bringing forth the point of connection between the Milky Way and Andromeda Galaxies. ..

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