GoldRing Game of Enlightement, Abundance and Bliss

GoldRing XIIb- Arcturian Alignment II - Realms of Light

DVD 9 - Arcturian Alignment
arcturian alignment goldring game
  • Arcturian Alignment I - The Great Game
    Arcturian Alignment II - Realms of Light
    Arcturian Alignment III - The Grand Cycle
    Arcturian Alignment IV - The Central Strand
    Arcturian Alignment V - The Stream of What Is
    Arcturian Alignment VI - Clearing the Way

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  • We are moving into the Light of the Fifth Sun. The magnification of our collective will be accelerated a million times faster into manifestation. This beam of high ultraviolet light will create a new reality for the planet. The Black Alliance is unaware of this powerful beam which when it arrives will increase energies to such a high vibration so if there is misdirection the reality will shatter and disintegrate quickly into chaos.

    In awareness of this beam of Ultraviolet light which is being invoked by the Arcturians humanity needs to steward the energy through the power of one million Wayshowers who have focus and the ability to keep focus as this energy is included into the third dimension. Clearing blocks and linking with the one million is the crucial play of the game and upon the Arcturian Alignment the beam of violet will integrate the acceleration.  

    Reality is a viewpoint and is dependent upon the perceiver. As a Wayshower you are one who is multi-dimensional and can see and be part of many realities. The outer or objective empirical reality of the physical body’s senses is only a small part of your world. In your new reality of this Great Game of the Gold Ring a Wayshower is one of a spiritual universe which means that which is non-physical and exists in the invisible.  In this vast realm you are the player who lives within the full light spectrum.

    Your realm as a Wayshower is the Realm of light, the Fifth Dimension. From the Infrared to the Ultraviolet you are connected to the universe and all the stars, the Teachers of Light.

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