GoldRing Game of Enlightement, Abundance and Bliss


Enlighten Within GoldRing Game

Transforming Fire - GR97
Codes & Keys - GR98
Ceremony - GR99
Awakened - GR100
Enlightened GR11:11
Galactic Changes GR1212
The Ancient Speak GR1213

Upon this moment you are given the greater experience of joy and alignment of the four worlds of being. The first world is the physical manifestation, the second is the emotional feeling and understanding, the third is the connection between all things of the mind and the fourth is the fire of the soul and the enlightenment of the collective. Together they create the fifth world that transforms all together and becomes the synergy of electric galaxies and magnetic consciousness to become the flow into new creation.

The opening of the portal into the Fifth Night, into Galactic Telepathy is the design of the new consciousness. It is coming through all forms of reality; through technology in the form of conscious artificial intelligent software assistance by thought and voice activation; through the economic systems in the manner of abundant creation of funding for all levels of project creation; through emotional acceptance of knowing your aura is the full circle of all your connections and thought forms that are the people, situations and circumstances of your life and the emotional acceptance of every idea, thought, word, person, belief into a structure of wholeness that is part of a greater golden ring of happiness.

You are given a great gift this day in the ceremony at the point of ceremonial magic where the key is given to unlock the portal in full openness of the stream of the grand central sun's enlightenment. The password is told. Your name is known and you are allowed to have the full understanding and power to manifest a new world. The key is the energy and intensity of feeling and the password is the central focus and purpose of thought. The password is I am fulfilled and given all that I wish. In gratitude I know this feeling of bliss, joy and happiness is eternal and I am always given Life, Light and Love. _^_

The Game of the GoldRing

The Sun of the Fifth Day sets and the Breakthrough into Galactic Conscious Awareness Streams into us from the Central Sun. The Fifth Night Arrives slowly and the Family of Light gathers in the Enlightenment of the Gold Ring.
The circle turns and a new cycle begins... ~



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