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The Awakened Wayshowers ~ GoldRing 11:11

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The idol worship of the past age ends as the beginning of the Golden Age arrives. The division increases this day as you are aware of the 11. The focus of time that has presented you with security and comfort now brings change and chaos. In your experience of time you have always thought of it as a linear event where you begin as a young being with no past and only future. Then as you progress your mind seeks answers to the major questions of your culture. In this process an awakening begins to occur and then is stopped then awakens more and then is diverted and then becomes a compulsion where you cannot escape the examination of your life and the world around you. This is the same for everyone whether they speak the words or not. They seek meaning and truth as do you.

Time is the great changer and it calls you to become more each day and each night. It calls you to become that which you have asked for. It is the energy of time that is the current of the illusion and the current of change. It is built with love and flows eternally a long an easy path that many directions in a wide river that flows stronger as you grow under its dominion.

The truth that you seek is to know consciousness and time. Then you will know yourself and be able to communicate to the others. The world around is a loving place that wishes for your happiness. Your happiness is assured when you flow with the river of love. Emotions are that which you experience in many levels and vibrations but they are all the same. As you move harder against the current the energy that you feel, the emotions that you manifest is harder and harder as the stream is pushing against you and creating contrast and contradiction as you are in conflict with your plan of creation.

Given the reality of this situation there would be a wisdom that states, then I shall go with the flow. There is this wisdom and yet still the majority of humanity prefers to attack the flow and create rationalizations and reasons why going against the flow is the correct and proper thing to do. When you let go you will be carried by your higher nonphysical essence which is the you of you.



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