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Today on New Media News we are joined with Niles Wigley, Webmaster and Publisher of Premieres. Our discusssion will center around the direction and changes happening in publishing focusing on interactive TV, Gaming, the development of the Social Web and Traditional print and broadcast mediums.

Welcome Niles, looking forward to your insights into this rapidly changing field.

I would like to preface this interview with first depicting your involvement and experience. You are of a generation that has grown up with the internet and have experienced its stages of development while also being part of the demanding arena of web publishing, graphic
design, group administration, document management and project development in multiple fields of endeavor.

 >From this perspective we are witness to a fundamental change from the static pages of print and html web page development for primary promotion, advertising and communication with clients and groups to interactive communications wherein there is an enormous amount of data that is being processed and held in each transaction. The web is experiencing a movement into and through the world of Video and Audio its expansion being powered by additional bandwidth. This bandwidth will only increase and the software to capitalize on it and the computerization

Considering the internet, television, print and other medias how is this convergence changing advertising?

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New Media News 02 - 05.19.06
Gaming and it's Effects on the internet and where the internet is going to be going in the future.

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New Media News 01 - 05.19.06
Where the New Media is Advancing both Technological and Culturally


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