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January 2005

MAYAN: 2 Eb: The stablizing effect of 2 Eb brings human relationships into a harmonious two way cycle of abundance. This requires a focus on the ultimate destiny of the spiritual path. It is the guide to the higher mind, inspiration and wisdom. Eb. is the day sign that is about the journey, the spiritual journey. This is about being of service.

What will occur on this day is Uranus will conjunct Deneb Adig and bring about the strenght that will be necessary to enter into the shamanistic expression in the world at large. This is about powerful, clear and a strong will with determination to see the completion of the journey. This is about a deep and very old desire to bring the ancient tradtions of spiritual destiny to the forefront of the modern mind.

It may also represent an out flowing of anger towards that which has become corrupted and materialistic. The primary focus is on the transformation of group consciousness to become centered in the path as represented by Eb and overcome the opposing forces of materialism and deception.

MAYAN: 1 Chuen: The new 13 day pulse begins with the magnetic unifying energy of the spontaneous joy of the inner child. This new pulse brings in a stronger focus into the enjoyment of

MAYAN: 13 Oc - Faithful, loyalty, trust, diveine laws, companionship. It is a time to begin again. We are at a space between days. The end of a thirteen tonal pulsation. It is a time to be reminded of how far we have come and how things can change quicly or how they are to move along with patient assurance.

MAYAN: 12 Muluc - River, water, moon purification, milky way, debt, karma, interdependence. The moon and water. It is also the river of souls and the human passage through life. It can be a highly emotional, intuitive and powerful astral like energy. Memories are powerful here.

MAYAN: 11 Lamat $ Thursday - Star, rabbit, fertility, increase groww, create, ripen. The rabbit is also the trickster. This can be an unexpected day or things of great fertility.

MAYAN: 10 Manik - Healing, Prophesy, balance. This is a time of gentleness and compassion. The tenth day is of manifestation.

MAYAN: 9 Cimi - Rebirth and transformation. This day is about moving through a powerful transition. The ninth day is about movement into higher realms. It is a feminine energy and the creation process. It is a day of evolution and change. Cimi is the sign of death and rebirth. It represents a stage of teh Calendar relating to incubation. It is a time to look at the life and what we can reduce and let go of. It is a period of chrysalis and the transmutation from one to another.

MAYAN: 8 Chicchan - Today is the activation of the will force of the serpent. The consciousness is about changing the world with strength and power. The purpose is completion and healing. The time has come to activate the pure snake energy, the kundalini. First Ray energy is Power. When will force is directed by correct desire the truth is revealed and the momentum rushes forth to act and complete the intention.

Yesterday, or the previous step in consciousness the Sun conjunt Chiron allowed the wound to be felt. Like the mythic Centaur it represents the wounded healer has realized that a normal cure is impossible and a sacrifice must be made to save humanity. Being in Capricorn is about authority and respect yet there is pain because the duty to the people has been subverted and the government has been misused. Government is wounded and the philosopher king is a mindless puppet.

The lies, misuse of resources, irresponsibility and lack of stewardship has allowed evil to dominate. The power of humanity and nature to rectify the situation will activate this day/step in global and personal and consciousness. The single viewpoint of the corporate powers are invested in a plan that leads to decimation. Humanity as one being feels this fight with a devil and that time is moving very quickly. The iron fisted control of the corporate management team is polarized against the needs of people and the earth. Simply stated is is apparent to all that the division is impossible and a clear and present danger exists. This is the point where the Snake of Chicchan activates its desire and will in alignment with the power of truth.

The Moon is squaring the Sun today in conjunct with the Moon Node. This also indicates a significant point of crisis. The balance point has shifted and the tide has turned. The truth is the actions and the completion of the plan as set forth by higher standards and those brought forth by a higher will. The group consciouness of Aquarius is bringing forth the new light and awareness of the need for the final initiation. Today is a powerful energetic sign which is combined with the 8 where it weaves the infinite and the finite together. Here we are brought to the crossing point in the now and humanity now is ready to take the power and master the physical and heal the heart of the earth.

It is the action that matters, take the power in your own hands and speak with the power of the snake and see through all the lies, yours, theirs and ours. The truth is here now. There are no fixed stars which hold the destiny and powers of the fates. This is a day of opportunity to make changes in consciousness to feel the energy of the celestial serpent and express the will in action to transform, to shed a skin, to transform, to grow out of the past shell and to expand in freedom.

From this day forward, 8 Chicchan and the 17th of January which is an 8 and 1/17/2005 is also an 8. This eight day is for bringing in the energy of the spiritual infinite into the physical finite world and spiritualizing the world. It is a transformer where we bring heaven to earth and make heaven on earth. So say we all.

MAYAN: 7 Kan - The Lizard/Dragon seed for new beginnings and manifestation. This energy is the power of the natural energies. The power is between the light and the dark. It is the Kundalini, or Ki which is the force that is between the yin and yang. The energy that interacts is the magic and the connecting alchemical forces that provide for regeneration of the mind, the heart, the species and the universe.

The seventh day is a merging of the above and below and Kan is the seed that germinates this new beginning. Kan is a senual sign and is connected to the energies of the earth. The dreaming lizard who crawls close the ground and is the dragon who can fly, mersmerize and lives with a fire in his belly all bring the dreams and fantasy of life to reality. The day is for expansion and moving away from isolation. It is a time to open up and receive in fertility the new increase of essence which is life.

In understanding that life is filled with risks this day is about risking life for a better one. The conjunction of Chiron and the Sun takes place in the mid-day. It is the time to feel the wound and to know how it can be healed or how it will be accepted. the pain is to great to hide anymore. It is time to release the energy so that you are not caught in the fear of pain but experience the pain of recognition and healing that Chiron brings. The time of denial is gone and so speak what is the pain and see fit to accept blame, to deal with the situation and resolve to heal the essence of your soul.

How this will be accomplished is dependnt upon what you realize and know. Open to the gods and say there is another reality than the one you have believed in. This is a day of absolution.

From this day forward the consciousness of pain and the denial of is over. The pain is too great to hide. Become the co-creator of your reality and willingly bring your dreams to fulfillment. The energy of 7 KAN and the conjunction of Chiron and the Sun in Capricorn bring the initiation to your heart. Be in complete humility. It is at the top of the mountain the realization of mortality occurs. The future is a dream and draws you into new dimensions when you stand above the earth.

See with a greater perspective from the top of the mountain. Yet here is where the pain is so intense. Rest and understand the priorities, the polarities and dualities. The spirit is in your reach yet you are connected to the earth. Your pain is great yet you are a steward to make certain that all receive the promise of the Bodhisattva, that help all othersl reach enlightenment before venturing beyond the veil. Acceptance of this dharma frees you from pain and there is joy in showing others the way as a seer and a healer. The world will know and you may share this dharma with many many others and be benefited.


MAYAN: 6 Akbal The Sleeping Night in organized Rhythm seeking the Heart Mystery. Black/ Water/ West. This is about finding the home, the dreamtime, the night and being in abundance. Akbal is the dreamer and the keeper of the cosmic home fire. Akbal is a powerufl shamanic force as it creates the creative space of inner knowing. This is the day in which to tune into the darkness and the patience of transcendence. It is about bringing the energy of the flow and the power of the instinctual movement that occurs when the need for creation comes from within the form. It is the deep urges of pure deep power of life that brings us to feel.

Both Mercury and Venus move under the influence of Facies and the Archer. Here The victim must be purged from consciousness and the idea that there is a weakness in the work. The understanding of Akbal is to feel the rhythm of change and to sense the feelings in the beat, the tempo and the organization of the transformation. The energy is always within the mind to transform the world and to be in agreement.

Mercury and Venus conjunctions always bring the feelings under the microscope of sensitivity to the needs and wants. Having Facies here makes the energy seem to be displaced and lost. In addition the wound of Chiron is in conjunction wtih the sun which will continue to be exact tomorrow. This consciousness is all about experiencing the power of the healer who is wounded and faced with the commitment to become the initiator and the healer.

Sun Conjunct Chiron will continue to bring the pain to the surface to be managed and used as a powerful conjunct to establish a new will and wish for universal healing. There is some fear of pain yet the sufering contributes to compassion and the empathy and desire to help others who are dealing with their own wounds.

MAYAN: 5 IK... Whitling Cosmi Spirit Wind with the overtone of command. The divine breath and communications are highlighted here as this is a day of movement and acceleration. IK can be a tornado or be in the eye of the storm. It is the decision to go through the vortex to experience the power of the wind, the voice and thought.

The energy of the star Sualocin is being channeled through Juno today. It is bringing the harmony and balance of working together and getting beyond the limitations of the world. It is on the point of simplicity. Sualocin is the alpha star of the constellation the Dolphin. This is the sacred fish and has become a symbol for Christianity. This star has the nature of seeking knowledge and experience and one must avoid being naive and coming from overconfidence.

Bring your mind and heart under control. This is a time to to think and work towards the collective. Not all things will work out perfectly but they are working. This is the keypoint is the working together in harmony. From this day forth the consciousness is that you will grow with the power of IK to bring in new more experienced and potent thoughts in creation.

It is given that the world will continue to change and grow there is the need to feel the wonder as the method of change, the gratitude of knowing that in the simple life is the great wealth.


MAYAN: 4 Imix initiates and defines a new 20 day Mayan Sun cycle. A new definition to the vision and plan with optimism and progress. The birth of a new energy is related to Imix which has the symbols of dragon, turtle, crocodile and relate to the mother and the blood of creation. Imix goes deep into the consciousness and the primeval beginnings where the source of life is born.

From this initiation there is a complete merging of energies as we spiral up the evolutionary process. Today is about consciousness and the bright star that guides our dreams. Dreams become real when they are defined in the mind and with a retrograde Saturn opposition Sun today it is a chance to redefine them with Imix to empower them with the primal lifeforce and see fruition. This is about integrity and positive truth for if the drams or ideals are corrupt in any way then the only result is loss and confusion. - more to come


MAYAN: 3 Ahau The Electric Intelligent power of the Ascended Masters of the Sun are flowering in the world's consciousness today. This is the last glyph of the 20 day Sun cycle and indicates the end of a cycle and the beginning of a new consciousness cycle. This is the female cycle of fruition and earthly embodiment which is an electric and intelligent tone of life's activity.

The 20 signs each represent a unit of consciousness in our mental or cosmic DNA. There are 20 amino acids or building blocks that make up the codons of the human DNA and in the same way these twenty signs are the fundamental building blocks of consciousness. We have 20 digits on our combined hands and feet that make up our physical bodies that we use to physically touch the universe. The 20 signs allow us to cosmically connect to the universe while the aminio acids bring us to touch through our DNA human ancestry and our intrinsic involuntary intelligence.

It is time that the inner ancestors speak as guides and tell our souls the fundamental changes that are required of the world. The wise ancient ones are coming into the world through our dreams, ideas, memories, the DNA and the connections through the karmic desires to achieve freedom. The world has been faced with the karmic challenge with the tsunami, the floods and the wars to break away from the cycle of self-destruction. The Alantean memories flood our consciousness as it is unclear to the still sleepoing masses if dark magicians have once again usurped power and are causing havoc through uncontrolled power. Is there enough courage to preserve the world's natural resources and the future and happiness of all our children. Mother Earth has given her soul, flesh and heart to the children and the evil that has occurred will be washed away.

The next cycle will begin with the Dragon Mother which is the way it always does with a new birth of energy. The power of the 4th day continues to bring its acceleration of energies and the need for fearlessness is a necessity. The power that is being unleashed by nature and through the astral planes will increase. The desires of old powers to hold on will become frantic and frenetic as change overtakes us all like the wave that was unleashed in the Indian ocean. The blood from the angel's crucifixion pours over the land and returns to the sea.

In economics in the last week 6.1 billion in funds were created by the Federal Reserve and this money will be multiplied by the banks as well. The Treasury printed up 3.2 Billion in actual cash and the Foreign Central Banks bought 5.6 Billion of US Debt. The National Debit is now at 7.596 Trillion which has moved up $40 Billion in one week. Multiply that times 52 weeks which would be an underestimate of what will actually occur. As history and our ancestors have proven we should expect at least another $2 Trillion in US Debt. The only result of this can be run away inflation because of more dollars chasing limited resources.

Be aware that this is part of the acceleration yet it is not a curve but a vertical line . This is the future we are living in economics, technology, fear, deception, power, violence victimization, ignorance, apathy, compassion, intelligence, telepathy, hope, love and knowledge. Lest we exist in pure hubris wisdom was not included in the foregoing. Wisdom comes with experience and this is something which humanity must walk through in careful procession with wherewithal and providence to pass through this era of the apocalypse and ascend in resurgence from the darkness to an enlightened civilization.

MAYAN: 2 Cauac Thunderstorm / Black/West. Cauac is certainly the sign of the storm and the Northern Hemisphere has felt the power of the rainstorm and as a catalyst. This is a day of transformation and change and once the storm has passed there will be clarity, understanding and empowerment. The second day or tone will help us move through the duality and challenges we face in this upcoming cycle. This is a sign about catalyzing change which will change the whole structure of reality. On this new moon the rains come to seed the energies which will manifest in two weeks on the full mon. Expect the unexpected.

The only two fixed stars still activated are Pollux with Saturn and Sheat on Vesta. The energy of new thought is faced with the retrograde motion of Saturn over Pollux in Cancer. Both of these energies will release by the end of the day. Pollux will finish digesting the pain and struggles of learning about the difficulties of life. Hopefully the world at large will take a sober lesson from the storms and make preparations for the future to avert such costly disasters.

Saturn is going into exact opposition with the Sun in Capricorn and so the full light of the Sun will shine on the problems and the remedies to the damages that have occurred. The pain as indicated by Chiron is also being felt more and more as the detachment is occurring and the seriousness of the situation is being understood.

Ceres is entering the orb of influence of the Star Alphecca bringing joy and union to relationships and the passion for fruitfulness to be reborn. Much has been reshaped by the awesome powers of the earth through the waves, storms of the oceans and the emotional turmoil of humanity. Today is to feel the power of the storm to remake the foundations of life in the closest relationships and celebrate life and its fullness. It is a day of humility in the face of nature and victory in the heart of humanity.

MAYAN: 1 Etznab - Sword/White/North The day brings us into a new pulse of truth and wisdom. This is about yielding power with integrity and in service to the greater good. This balance is a fine line and not easily mastered. Power can be addictive and once tasted is not easily given away. So there is a sacrifice that must be made and that is the ego. Etznab is a two sided mirror and is called the knife which shows that it can be used for service or destruction. Our intentions are set and the pulse creates forward motion. the crystal reflection of the ritual warrior is magnetic and unifying. This is a day of moving forward with power.

The astrological energies are being shaped by a very strong opposition of the Sun to Saturn. The power of Pollux is bringing pain to the world as it works to unify and discover the importance of the hard lessons of mortal achievement and responsibility.

There is an energy of mangement and manipulation which is going on as the old western powers are attempting to influence the world to see its viewpoints. Behind the scenes the power structure of the world management authorities are continually reshaping history, control of the news, managing the financial markets and creating self-serving nepotistic political systems.

On the other side of the mirror or Etznab there is a fast and overpowering influx of free thinkers who are true believers in new ideas and empowered to promote free thinking in the world. Scheat with Vesta bring a culmination of connected energies to release a revolutionary divisive energy of disillusionment and utopia in the minds of the eastern leaning creative culture seeking to be of service to humanity.

The balance struck between the two viewpoints or images of reality are in stark contrast and a thin knife edge separates the two. It is this edge where wisdom is discovered not in the image of one or the other but the interaction between the opposing forces where the power to reshape the world is wrought.

This day is about detaching from the narcissistic demands of either group and forging the steel of resolve to create the new that is neither illusion but the true reality of the observer.

MAYAN: 13 Caban is a consciousness of transcendence in synergistic resonance with world leadership. With Caban the energy of the earth and transformation brings a higher connection to the earth. The cosmic force of the tone allows us to reach inside and become entrained to the rhythms of the planet. Caban is also called the Dancer who is attune to the energies of the earth in ceremony and with cosmic importance. This is a breakthrough day as a 13 always denotes transformative energy in consciousness.

The star that attunes to this energy is Scheat at 29 degrees Pisces conjunct with Vesta. The culminative effect of this energy is even more apparent as Scheat principles of free radical thinking coming from unique ideas is brought to the world as a whole. Vesta is the hearth and is a caring influence. Vesta is a committed devote which shows the point of sacrifice for sake of large goals. The maximum is "Keeper of the flame and Hearth." The purpose is idealism and commitment to a spiritual path.

12 Cib : A consciousness of dedication towards crystallizing the wisdom into cosmic embodiment. The Mayans see this 12 day of the cycle as one of understanding and community. In the cycle of 13 this is the day of gathering and connection. It is a time to reassess the nature of the journey to detach and understand the meaningful nature of existence. It is a good day for contemplation and rest and prepare for the future. It is called the Owl and or the Vulture so the animal totem is at home in the nocturnal sky where mystery pervades existence. The Tarot card is the Hermit and the one who is wise and shines the light on the soul's journey as the way shower.

The Fixed Star for the 8th Day of New Consciousness is Facies, the eye of the Archer. Here the vision of the archer is appreciated by Astraea, the Goddess of Justice. During the Greek "Golden Age" when the gods walked openly among men, Astraea would sit in the company of common folk in the marketplace and urge them to obey nature's laws. AS the goddess of justice, Astraea was a very stern punisher of crime. Eventually Astaea ascended to the stars after the putridness of man's increasing corruption assaulted her pure sensibilities.

This conjunction with the Star Facies shows that the power of Astraea will once again be felt as the abhorrence of disorder and uncleanliness will bring the wrath of the goddess. It is a good day to clean and reorder the life in a manner with the liking of the goddess.

The discipline of nature as embodied by Astraea is affected by the powers of human love and passion of Venus or Aphrodite which is in conjunction with the Star Acumen which is the Sting of the Scorpion. Mercury is also there for a day and here the focus is on moving forward with a passion. It also feels in a way as if love itself has been attacked and so one must be knowledgeable of the path of the victim and the abuser and avoid both pitfalls.

In presenting these alignments, conjunctions and energies they are to be interpreted as days of consciousness and steps on the path of ascending enlightenment. The world is moving quickly towards a new expression of world unity and connectedness. It is very important to maintain balance while increasing the speed and intensity of the development of conscious creation and telepathic integration with your level compatible beings. Telepathy is arriving and your thoughts are creating your world.




11 MEN – Spectral Innovation tone bringing about a planetary vision for ascension.
The Mayan symbol the Eagle is about dissolution and reconnections yet with the eagle there is clarity, expanded, planetary and or higher vision.

Astrologically, the energy is of obsession and being overwhelmed. It is the ideological overloading of western materialism. The energy of Antares and is called the Watcher of the West and is the heart of the Scorpion.

How appropriate is it that the Moon and Mars conjunct this star and bring the West under ideological scrutiny. The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is in high form today centering on placating the West’s desire for more technology and entertainment. The acceleration of energies increases the need for more diversions and escape from reality.

Obsession with things leads to downfall. The Mayan Eagle “Men” sees this overwhelming energy yet singles out the most important and focuses in. The Heart of the Scorpion is pure desire and when it is pure, clear and direct then the Scorpion strikes. The energy of any sign, planet and or symbol is not specific to an individual or the world but it brings about a transformative focus of consciousness. In this case The Eagle and the Scorpion are synonymous. An enlightened mind will sense the will of desire is for purification and detachment from things, balance and moderation in activities.

In the case of the West the new capital is Las Vegas where obsession is a way of life. The seven deadly sins are established and marketed to the western mentality. The need for the natural balance and simple focus on non materialistic goals are not given an opportunity for growth. Glamour, ostentatious wealth and every form of physical gluttony is top billing.

Superficial excitement and instant pleasure are the rule with Mars and Moon yet there is a underlying dissatisfaction with all the glitz with Antares guiding this day.

A new star also entered the picture this day where Acrux which means “focus on the physical world and is part of the cross of matter is conjunct Ceres. The Earth Mother, Ceres nourishes and sustains through expressing unconditional love. This is about accepting and rejecting and parenting of children. The nature is protective to feed and care for the planet. The dichotomy of this conjunction underscores the needs to put back into being balanced and caring for the children and the planet.


Planetary Manifesting Starborn Magic Jaguar Wizard
This is 10 IX. The Sun is in conjunction with Rukbat, the Archer's Knee in the constellation of Sagittarius. This is the 11th brightest star in the constellation yet Rukbat brings to the Sun great energy and the ability to ascend to the highest. The passion and power of the Archer is fully revealed through the magic of the Jaguar Wizard.

The gift of this step in the transformation of consciousness is perfect aim. The knee gives humility and accuracy. With it also is speed and agility. The mind is activated by the passion of the hunt, the love of adventure and the appreciation of the quest.

On this day and with this energy the furtherance of the plan makes great strides as you are born into spirit with an adventurous spirit that guides the arrow from your bow to its target. Your hunt is the quest for knowledge, for experience and ascension.

Pluto holds steady the energy of Ras Alhague in the serious healing energy of regeneration and resurrection. The Kundalini energy is enhanced with Rukbat as the Sun energized by the star raizes the level of intention of Pluto towards the higher goal intensely focused by this star into the form of the pure consciousness of healer.

Even as efforts in the world seem to separate from love and care for the world humanity is being guided through individuals of great strength. Everywhere you are touched by significance of those who can implement change as the acceleration has come upon us. The transformations, the connections, the manifestations and the completions are unceasing and profound.

The events of the world will continue to draw out emotions yet there is little time for tears or solace. The time is for healing, for aiming for the center of the target which is the soul of humanity to break the chains of fear and accept the initiation of maturity. The healers of the world are drawn into their places of power and influence. The timing was established and it is this era. This time from now on will see the greatest transformations ever in history. Read and follow the realization and feel the rising of the kundalini up your spine as you are purified and brought into activation. This is the time of initiation.


Today is the 9 BEN which is referred to as the Solar Timeless Sky walker with the energy intention of divine connection. In classical astrology, the Sun has moved to 15 degrees Capricorn and is in conjunction with the fixed star Vega.

Every year the Sun crosses Vega which is a time where one can hear the harp or Lyre as it accompanies the recitations of the great heroic journey. Vega is part of the Summer Triangle with Altair and Deneb combining the constellations of Aquila, Cygnus and Lyra. It was once our pole star in the distant past and may become again.

In this light and with this conjunction there is rembrance and the connection to the fruitful times of summer. Humanity embraces the Sun crossing Vega with a deep longing and gathering of strength to endure the winter as there will surely be a spring and a summer to follow.

It is in a joyous reunion of the energies of humanity tie into our Sun with Vega and experience the wisdom of the ancients through the song and harpestry of Lyra. The harmony of the spheres, the balancing of the Cardinal cross at 15 degrees Capricorn all bring the understanding of the mystery of the initiation.

This point combined with the influences of the pulsation of consciousness of the Mayan system bring the timeless intention to perfection, completion of the skywalker. The physical universe is still being shaped by the attention to Saturn's retrograde disposition connected to Pollux.

The burdens of the past, the feelings of public failure, the need for deep nurturing are brought to the forefront of thought. With Vega the music provides the ability to flow through the blocks like water and find the guidance or be the healing guide who provides both the security and structure for the home and family.

It is time to bring comfort and lighten the burden as the past is healed by allowing sensitivity and vulnerability to enhance and deepen learning. Listen to the tragedy, the drama, the story of forgiveness and let the integrity of these emotions break through the rigid restraints of fear and hollowness that come from immaturity and ignorance.

Vega speaks for the skywalkers to arise and live in harmonious union listening to and being part of the great story of this universe.


Time Transformation
The energy of this day in time is 8 EB This is a step and part of the transformative process of consciousness. Thinking of time as a linear roadway to a destination is a failure to grasp the understanding of the purpose of time. To decipher the Mayan Calendar one must understand it is a map of consciousness rather than an endless road to an unknown destination.

Time is a primal energy and a very misunderstood phenomenon. First you must understand that the mind creates time and the mind is universal in scope. Humanity is a receptacle of mental energy. From one perspective a human is accustomed to using time to evolve consciousness. From another perspective a human uses consciousness to develop time.

The circularity of this message presents the dilemma of human awareness to see outside of the bottle of existence. The world, your life, history, the future, your frame of reference and everything that you believe, trust, know, have faith in and expect are all based upon the foundation of a linear time centered consciousness and this is where you are completely out of context. Linear time appears logically congruent with experience yet logic is deceived. Time is circular and omnipresent.

Humans are connected to divine mind which is an evolutionary playing field. The divinity guides, directs and establishes the parameters for existence. In this game time is of crucial importance for participants strive to reach higher states of awareness. This is why the energy of 8 EB is a Step. Each step moves a person to an idea, to awareness, to consciousness which entrains to the movement of systems within systems.

The basic agreement of consciousness is that time is a continuous stream of singular moments. This basic presupposition forms the foundation of error compounded upon error. The fundamental agreement of higher awareness is consciousness and time is synonymous, whereas experience and perception co-exist within intelligence.

The dialogue created in this energy field relates to Time Transformation which concerns consciousness and the perceptions of experience. This is a step towards an awareness of the Now, and the evolutionary steps towards perceiving experiences from a cyclic, interconnected, unified field of intelligent activity.

The historical answer of capricious consecutive and mechanical precession of appearing and disappearing moments is not a satisfactory answer. Clear discernment perceives time as the framework and operational system of the Divine Mind which manifests all that is. The spiritual equation relies upon the pre-eminence of the mind as the core of life and time as the subordinate energy which unfolds creation through the order and direction of intelligence.

This unfolding energy of consciousness 8 EB relates to the rejuvenation of the human chalice to accept abundance. This day, this step in time is a transformation of consciousness allowing the next step or day to unfold. The expanding awareness increases the perception of time passing more quickly and time circles and overlaps to open more doorways and deeper understanding of the nature of the divine mind and the world that it creates.


Reprinted From Newrays Edition 12

THE SPIRITUAL INTEGRITY EDITION Volume XIII - August 26th 1996 - Copyright © 1996 Universal Connections Network

Regardless of whether endeavors are spiritual or mundane, right motive
and right idea are determined by asking oneself the same questions:

Does what I do harm/degrade anyone (including myself)?

Does what I do help the soul of humankind to evolve?

Does what I do come from love?

Is what I do balanced?

Love, as I use it here means:
Right care and concern for all creation as an expression of the Divine.


The relationship between spiritual beliefs and physical experiences are being transformed. There is a heavy pull of the past and the stronger push into the future. The structure of the purpose and the environment of the world is being changed by the consciousness of each person in this communication. Integrity is lacking in many and compromise is the slight hand of this weakness that must be remade by wisdom. Take heart for you are one who knows and in knowing you bring freedom and more strength and light to the world. You are given the opportunity live with deep passion in the safety spiritual consciousness.

 Your structure is not complete unless in perfect relationship with truth and in agreement of your unique accepted honorable work. It is the basis of the community, that each soul of humanity must be in commitment of what he or she is manifesting in both the spiritual imagination and physical reality. Your knowledge is only of your own integrity and your own quality of vision. This is what you communicate. You are bringing forth the vibration and the ability to be a thought that is a perfect and powerful consciousness. Develop upon your own path by being watchful seeing the consequences of compromise haunting existence. Let them pass. All beings must pass this lesson.  Spiritual integrity will be learned by all who hold materialism in high glory that seems to cause them to compromise truth for matter. Pride, fame, honor, recognition and wanting the world to see you as accepted by it is not the largest prize you have. Even if it be in the acceptance of love from another it is still the desire to be honored by the world. You need none of this to be honored for you are given the full fruit of acceptance and knowledge because you are of the fullness of the world already. In the present Humanity sees disasters based upon the lower emotions and power. What has it wrought but a great plague of soulless society and the evil propagated into an undying continuance upon the lands of the earth? This is not the wish of the higher order of disciples that we be in misery. This is not the wish of your own higher self who sits upon this counsel and is in harmony and in tune with the community of beings whom hold your highest interest utmost in our mind.  Allow yourself to rest from recognition and power.  In this peaceful moment let go of the past and understand the present.  Become powerful by seeking the spiritual path first not the physical.

See everything from a spiritual context.  So many teachings have been brought under the spell of materialism. Ask and you shall receive” is about the breath of life the prayer that emanates through and with you. It is not about material things. You receive what your thought is.  

Do not condemn or judge yourself. How you judge others is how you are yourself. Do not misjudge yourself as another.  This is Spiritual Integrity. It is about knowing who you are. Hold and know that you are the one and only and hold your vibration and know alone In full agreement with your purpose is the hope of all work and is aligned with being in integrity.  Do not judge yourself in any manner that would harm your being. Ask now for more energy.  The body of light is the next stage of your evolution.

The energy you receive from the spiritual needs a receptacle and so this soul you are is filled with energy like that of the Holy Grail holding the life essence of the divine powers of creation.  

Begin the next step and to enter into one community. Awaken the energy that you are and feel the frequency and vision of your being. You are a new experience, a new individual, in a new dimension and one that is inherently higher and of Spiritual quality. This is why nothing of the material world is of value for you and your integrity is about your inner conscience and spiritual life.


In the Mayan program consciousness is being guided by the energy of 6 Oc. This consciousness is about faith, friendship guidance and the messenger. The tone that it resonates to is rhythmic and organizing. From the standpoint of traditional astrology the fixed star Pollux and the planet Saturn in Cancer are in the mix that are continuing to shape the energies coming into the system. there is a serious approach to learning and discovery. The awakening of the artist to the reality of life as the difficulties must be encountered by all and digested. The pain is too great not to take it seriously. This is the twin stars Castor and Pollux were also called Apollo and Hercules. Pollux is also called the boxer and is the immortal twin.

The world is in continuity on the longer Mayan Galactic at the beginning of the Fourth Day of equalization. The Galactic Cycle is on technological advancements and the ongoing pulsations of light toward the eastern hemisphere. The earthquake and tsunami have caused a great shake up and have gather attention for the world to realize this region. The attention focused on the Indian Ocean now is clearly bringing energy to the regions in addition to China, Russia and the Middle East. It is not by coincidence that this has occurred and implications from the Galactic viewpoint show the power of increase of the fourth day pulsation. The loss of life is tragic but from a wider perspective this sacrifice of life has importance in the process of purification, balance and transformation.

This period of time is marked by a global balance wherein the reactions of the west will become more and more transparent. Already the world has spoken up of hypocrisy and stinginess of the USA the leader of the still dominant West. In other news the earth’s natural resources particularly oil are being focused upon. This is the energy of technology which the galactic pulsation is concerned with. China is reported to have found 20 billion tons of oil in reserve in Bohai Bay Basin in the north. Of that 9 billions tons are confirmed. There are 7.33 barrels in one ton and china imports about 2 million barrels per day. The USA averages 12 million per day of imports.

This is a significant discovery for the East. It also shows the awakening of the East to its resources and being empowered by the Galactic pulsation of the 4 th day right on schedule. The further diminishment of the West is occurring because of the appearances of duplicity and hypocrisy. In the ideological battles of this polarization of viewpoints the most important position is the moral ground as the overall tone of this period is ethical and moral considerations. In this the West is losing the hearts and minds of the world on ethical principles.

The dominant world view is in flux and the more we move into the 4 th day the more the justifications for physical dominance of the world will be brought up as justification for continuance in power. The East has the world’s sympathy as 911 is a distant tragedy which the USA can no longer point to as being victimized by a small band of raiders who must be eradicated like vermin. Here we have mother earth in all her fury sending out a tidal wave of transformation across the resort beaches which serve the West’s winter vacationing bourgeois.

This is a strong pulsation of energy to the East and despite its tragic consequences it is a statement of the power and the effect of the 4th Day. There will be balance and the whole world will be given a very clear picture of the differences between the East and West.


There is an overtone of cosmic awakening today. The year 2005 combines the numbers 2 and 5 to make seven so there is the gathering together of duplicity of nature in spiritual focus. It is the mixing of life with matter as from the mud of primordial existence with the heroic powers of creation. It is the day of the Lotus, the Raindrop, the Cosmos and the flowering of life anew.

With this overtone of energy the dreams and ideals of each person are to be successful if they are pure and noble. The year is set off with Fomalhaut in conjunction with Uranus and is one of the Royal Stars. It is the water of the South. It indicates that the understanding is the basis of all true ideals and dreams. It is compassionate and empathic to the needs of the world. It is important to also see that during this time the southern hemisphere is in great need and all giving needs to be universal without ties or strings attached. If the dreams or ideals of any person, nation or group are corrupt then there will be great loss and confusion. This is a continuing energy for many days and an initiatory energy for the planet on this New Year’s Day. It is on the 4 th degree so it represents the foundation of life is the ideology and points to how happiness can be achieved through the production in the creative field of the south where all bounty is brought through the gateway to life.

In addition to this very powerful energy the healing of the planet is to be brought into alignment and a new desire universally will be the mandate. The power of the human over the serpent energy is indicated as Ras Alhague upon the 23 rd degree of Sagittarius is the focus of Pluto. Herein all religions, philosophies, ideologies are screened and viewed through the filter of the desire to heal the planet. This is the upbringing power of the feminine energy to bring a new upsurge of transformation to the planet. This is also the highest point of thought as the focus must be for complete transformation, purity and resurrection of the body, mind and spirit.

Two other significant issues are to arise and bring justice to the world the course of this year as Hygeia and Pallas or Athene in Libra are of significance in this matter. With the star Diadem which means to sacrifice oneself, the world is seeing the vulnerability of life and the need for deeper and more complete action. This is about the recognition of the need to give up something of great value of personal wealth so that balance of the worlds can be restored. It is from a feminine viewpoint as Pallas represents feminine courage and it is combined with Hygeia which is that of purity and is the root of hygiene. As again the great disaster of the Tsunami is upon the world all of these energies speak to the need of healing the world, by sacrificing and becoming pure in the reality of the needs for life to flourish and prosper. This is a time release and be in purity so that all coming generations and pure and safe from disease and war.

Take into this day and into this year the understanding that the Perisanna is the Golden age of humanity returned to be the ideological matrix of humanity as we all seek peace, prosperity and respect for all life and all people who reside in balance and peace. It is time for the world to be rendered back into the heaven by the angels who reside here.

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