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HeartLight - 1

You have come now to listen to your heart speak forth your dream. It is time to know of our world in a way not understood. It is time to be the Teacher of Light and Wayshower that walks with power and knowing. It is time for the world to be home where you are loved and protected. It is time to find love is yours to give and receive beyond all measure given before. This time is now.

The coming HeartLight passes through you bringing the awakening dreamed of in prophesy. Family of Light be the guide of Terra so she may know love is strong enough to hold the direction. From this time forth the HeartLight grows to transform humanity from the littleness of their egos to the greatness of spiritual presence. The energy of non-physical Teachers of Light who are the Masters of the Matrix and the Wayshowers teach and guide alignment with the path. All is as it should be and now the turning into oneness begins.

Bring your mind to purity and clarity to hold the HeartLight in place. Your consciousness is cosmic in origin and your are a being of light and born of the celestials. In everyway you are beyond the physical and within the etheral. All is given in mystery of the Cosmic fire and the breath of Spirit. The Goddess and God is without measurement. From every angle the oneness of the power brings love to be the beloved that loves. The creator of the infinite sky has longed to tell you the secrets of eternal life which is held within in the smallest grain of sand. The universe opens and becomes the turning in and turning out, the revealing and the hidden, the dark and the light. All who have sought for the wisdom have only found it within their own acceptance of divinty. It is in this way there is guidance beyond yourself and into the beloved cherished soul of the other whom is the twin flame to light the candle of life that burns in harmony and balance.

The HeartLight is your presence as all light is of the Heart. The heart burns the triple flame to inspire love's creation. It is the energy of your personal trinity of being, as the God, Goddess and Creation of the Spiritual Fire, the wholeness, the essence, the expansion of the infinite which is your purpose and nature. Accept your role as guides of creation who choose to use the power of the HeartLight to shine, radiate and holds the space of the center of every being. Use power of HeartLight to express with the universe, the river of love to bring life into being. It is your blessing to bring all into form.

Each step upon the pathway is given in sequential order. Find the reason and purpose of your being in the structures, situations and events of your life. Each mind listens and feels these words arrive into being within the body of form and function. Awakening is given in a series of revelations. World culture is made of shells and veils of deeper density to challenge your strength to see and know your inner being. Each one upon the path of enlightenment is given a plan. Life is charted out to perfect your placement in the greater action within this domain. Your life is a journey through which the experiences bring awakening to desire, to aspiration, to engagement and to action.

When you have asked it has been given and when you have acted against your plan and the flow of energies of this path you have felt the pains of separation. It is only when you allow yourself to flow with your divine energy that harmony results. When harmony is found and allowed then the door begins to open and there is much more available to become. The times of change come from beyond individual consciousness, as a role in the play, an actor and a life, a personality expressing the soul's desire with momentum towards the purpose the masters know and serve. All walk along the path of enlightenment feel the wondrous beauty beyond description, beyond all elements of the normal life of action and reaction of karma.

The HeartLight reaches you from within. It begins as as a spark within the center of your heart. This point of light calls your Solar Angel to come and awaken your mind to venture into the realm of feeling. Find the emotional messages that lift your spirit to see the light of the inner Goddess, the Christ Within. The Teachers of Feeling and the divine messengers of your inner being are your guides who speak through your feelings. For this is the home of love which holds the space within the heart Field so the light may shine. It is her essence and energy to hold this space open for love to be born, and for love to come into the world.
HeartLight - 2
You are not alone. You are loved beyond stars in the heavens. You are the love of the Goddess and God for you are their creation. As a child you were born to find yourself, to awaken in life, to own power, to express radiant being and ways untold and unknown. Through the surrender, the giving of perfect life to you is the passage of this flame is brought and shared. Your life is shared and in everyway you are one with every element, being, planet, heart and mind that lives. In knowing this genesis your being is created from the same design, same template of being so you are one with your divine parents who have given you their essence of being. From your first awakening you have sought to understand and stand within your own being as a sovereign soul with a purpose to create and be in harmony with creation. The plan of creation brings personal consciousnes to separation so it may see the mirror of life and be awakenened by the greater family. Time creates a journey from separation to oneness as life begins, grows and returns into itself completed with knowledge. You are gaining quickly in every step of this process.

Mind operates from perspectives. From the body the perspective is ego. The ego is a third dimensional creation within time to distinguish, discriminate and acknowledge the pathway during the journey of consciousness. The ego is the driver guiding each member of humanity along a path directed by divine intelligence. When the ego begins to make its own decisions about the right and wrong path then the presence of your soul embodiment diminishes and relinquishes the deep understanding. The ego always wants the best for the body. It is the protector, control and personality force and is an integral part. The physical body is vehicle and requires a driver in order to experience time and move through experiences. The Ego follows the orders of the senses that bring messages from the physical landscape as to the obstacles and possible paths. Some paths are difficult, some are easier and all have freedom to make choices. Of these choices some demand more effort or releasing memories of previous actions.

The ego is very intelligent and follows order extremely well. It makes predictions and watches everything concerning the physical body carefully. Its job is to protect the body and its working parts. When there is a challenging path that confronts the ego it is naturally protective of the body and its memories. Memory is what the ego is made of, it is that from which it was created to insure continuity and experience will perpetuate as long as possible. When a situation, person, problem, or opportunity involves an unknown a choice is required to be made. The ego will always seek to create a scenario of personal advantage for the body. From the perspective of your higher self, or the occupant in the vehicle of your body it can find the ego will compromise the higher purpose for temporal desire and satisfaction. In more extreme cases it will demand an action be taken that will cause redirection or it will refuse to move forward on the pre-planned path. All is the natural process of learning and understanding the higher plan.

The higher self calls and patiently waits for the ego to become aware of its truth. When the journey is neglected, not because of time but related to spiritual desire, the celestial energies grow stronger and stronger to guide the higher self of the spirit towards the fulfillment and oneness within the greater non-physical or super physical reality. Along the pathway will be other spirits of souls who have similar energies where they are moving in irregular patterns that are in conflict with their vehicle's attendant ego. The Ego has been accepted gratefully by the body to be its steward, protector and guide just as the inner essence of you, your IAM is the guide, protector and steward of your light body. In consideration of this message you are in knowledge and aware of the fundamental relationshps of mind and heart connections. It is the energy of the Mind Heart that focuses the two elements of the vehicle and its essence. The enduring part of this is your feeling of being, the IAM. You are that which you are created from which is the eternal IAM presence. Being in the clear light of the infinite expansion of your lightbody the energy of all is connected to this part of your being which one fractal of the universal hologram, the SpiritLight. When this is known the ego willingly releases dominion and guidance on the path to the innate wisdom of the Higher HeartLight of the Spirit Soul IAM. The Ego surrenders itself and its shadow disappears and the HeartLight awakens.
It is from the HeartLight that I speak to your Soul. This beautiful purity of the central strand guides the being of your LightBody. Acceptance of knowledge is to know the lightbody is the non-physical being radiating from within the HeartLight. The messages from the center of this light align all into the form of Love. The chalice Love creates holds the pleasure of the divine. In ecstacy of spirit the collective soul ascends the ladder of Heaven to call the journey of joy forth from everyone. In your deepest knowing the truth and the light is deeply resident in primal light and sound. In pure pleasure through love the sublime acknowledgement is always found with the agreement of life that all is good. The good calls forth all to walk a path of purpose to further goodness which is called into manifestation by love. The simple path of life is to know that love is good and all pathways lead home to love.

The HeartLight shines within the center of the Lightbody of your SpiritSoul being the IAM. From knowledge be aware of only the feeling. Thoughts produced by the mind are located within the physical body and protected and guided by the ego. The ego always operates from love. Everything in the universe is pulled twards the center of love which is omnipresent in everything and everyone, in every moment and has always been and will always be. The HeartLight is the absolute power of Christ Consciousness immanent within you. 

IAM the being that is your heart center and expresses the HeartLight. IAM the energy expression from the HeartLight into the Light Body of my SpiritSoul. I AM the HeartLight. Feel the center of my being and know my signature of life. From the world I gather knowledge, wisdom and experience to continue to co-create and expand the river of love which flows always within my being and expresses outward as light. It is when love becomes awakened through experience with another that I AM the mirror. The other is my being expressing life in combination and harmony. I AM that mirror reflecting the HeartLight between the Collective Soul.

In the moment when Love crosses the stream and connects with the higher vibration IAM found in breathless joy for that moment is the fulfillment. The HeartLight opens the portal of timelssness where all memories become hollow replicas of the present. The voice that speaks from the heart knows feeling beyond measure. Words given to the mind bring to form the enjoyment filled with the content of bliss. The HeartLight shines only from the center of your being. When it shines you will feel the drop into perfect alignment with the core of your being, your point of conception and expand into the far reaches of the universe. 

The Higher Heart brings depth of feeling to the SpiritSoul IAM and awakens the HeartLight of the Solar Angel to Express Divine Purpose. The Teachers of Light hold this frequency, and your signature in stable resonance as your walk into spiritual fulfillment. You are held safe in a new home. The purpose of the awakening of the higher heart vibration connects the bridge of the IAM to spiritual selflessness. In the presence of your Soul, IAM is this prescence. The opening of the seat of the soul chakra connects the eternal with the personality in a harmonous balance. It is the bridge of breathlessness. IAM the portal to spiritual wisdom of cooperation. You are forgiven upon this point of completion. When walking into the new realm of your higher heart each step is forgiveness and each step awakens another heart. Only when you allow yourself to step into the the unknown can you create the HeartLight that shines ahead to show the way on the journey in sacred relationship. The HeartLight shines a pure white light, with magnetism and bliss and is found through the sacrifice of self, the surrendering to the other. To give love means to surrender all, free of expectation with a calm knowing and strong faith in peace and serenity. 
HeartLight 4
The Sacred Relationship is the connection to source within the divine home of the HeartLight. In oneness you are each IAM, the SpiritSoul and LightBody in perfect harmony and acceptance of journey of love. The beauty in each step, experience is seen now as your light shines and reveals truth in every experience, memory, person, place, thing and gives you a divine reverence for your own being. In the HeartLight of compassion IAM inside every moment of your life as the guide of your SpiritSoul IAM. Once accepted and felt, the Higher Heart Heart draws the energy down from the Crown Chakra to feed and nourish the light of the eternal flame that you are. There is more love to be found within each heart as the doorway opens and opens to the gratitude of the beautiful yearning and the closeness that becomes oneness.

You have found the HeartLight when there is the knowing there is no separation, when all boundaries are gone, where the intimate connection has no limits to words, thoughts, feelings, desires and or expectations. Once achieved it is forever given. It is the mansion of spirit where you soul is home. When through time you find the one who can unlock the restrictions on your higher heart it is a moment of timeless joy that will change your life. The one is you first and then you find in the joy of another the blessing that brings this moment of timelessness where your conscious heart sparks into perfect joy. The stream flows steady and pure and the light is perfect white. Through the spectrum of your Spirit you become everything in accordance with the brilliant creation of your being. Once the HeartLight is given the spark of its fire grows in radiance.

The HeartFlame of cosmic divine fire empowers the HeartLight given in sacred relationship. The sacred relationship occurs when two become three that become one. You are now one. In balance you are healed through connection with the other. You are now healed. In concordance the resonant field between the Shining HeartLights within the sacred relationship choose oneness. The magnetism and lifeforce combine to hold and express. This union of higher heart sharing brings the apperance of the radiatory light field emergence that draws magnetically wholeness from source. It is the connective link and bridge which empowers both HeartCenters to draw closer together and merge into a deeper love than can be expressed as it continues to concentrate. When intimate comfort is found between the two they invoke the birth of life attuned to the higher purpose of this sacred relationship into pure form. The pure essence of the HeartLights shining in oneness align in perfect peace and returns to rest. The essence of creation is behind and within the substance and remains attentive to that which is shared and expressed. The form is pure and begins to shine on its own as the Sun.
Come into the Sanctuary of your beings where the inner light shines in perfect peace. See the pink light and feel its radiant touch to open the connect to your earth and ground you with all realms. Channel with faith in the undying essence of divine love's power. The pink radiant light brings stewardship as a planetary teacher and healer you are now provided with the opportunity to share your divine love. Once given you open a channel that becomes a wide stream to know the great river and the deep ocean of the cosmos flows through you. Beings of spirit in motion with the universal timing all now perceive pink where there was red, love where there was desire, and compassion where pain resided. You are home here. You are wanted and given your birth into the world to teach, heal and bring your heart to all that is. 

As a steward for the planet she asks of you great things. In knowing your power she wishes only for you to accept her request to see both and all become what is asked. Turn with your higher hearts and hold this love together with your spiritual partner to send the white light born between you into the center of the earth and touch the planetary root that accepts all new life. She is waiting for the twin souls in humanity to find each other and create the shared heart. When the shared heart opens the doorway the white light of the central sun manifests perfect in pure form. The shared heart experiences timelessness as the twin soul is the intimate union of cosmic consciousness. The Truth is shared that sets the world free. 

Spiritual Wisdom comes into the Higher Heart which enlightens and brings the other chakras into maturity. The Power of Peace into the Solar Plexus, Reverence for all Creations into the Sacral, Serenity over Survival into the Root chakra

Red becomes Pink -


Focusing on the states of gratitude and appreciation has a coherent effect on the energy field and rhythmic magnetic emanations from the heart - these generate states of ecstasy which are important evolutionary catalysts. A deeper bond and relationship is also generated with Terra as your resonant being becomes one who serves as a vessel of harmonic waves from the Galaxies. Know the heart is the key to to your evolution. the collapse of your old world and way of being brings the birth of this new child of the heart and ecstasy is only the beginning. Remain in this state of being and ...untapped potentials when learned to do at will you are interdimensional resonator - this state of being is the bridge between worlds

Shifting into higher octaves: Focus on the heart muscle and generate appreciation - feel the waveform begin to flow through your body and the spontaneous rising of ecstasy in every cell, see your energy body in the shape of an egg charging into higher states and expanding. From the center axis of your body move the energy outward into the field as this accelerates your evolution into a cosmic being.

With each expansion there is an energy release as the in breath and out breath are timed in rhythm with the energy exchange between the microcosmic Heart singularity radiant expression and the Universal Galactic magnetic attraction. When in sacred relationship there is the interconnection of heartlights to lift the energy field through superconductive alliance. The toroidal fields connect through the central vortex to hold the dual bi-axial conduit in perfect formation. 

The integrated double wheel defines the fundamental energy process of this universe as consciousness does not exist in singularity but in dynamic harmonic coherence. When presented in common language the universe always seeks to love. The driving force of our universe is love which gives in infinite and eternal measure. In the same manner as the physical body is protected and guided by the ego and the spiritual light non-physical body is guided by the spiritsoul IAM the galactic human collective is guided by the divine marriage of twin souls. There is a specific requirement to bring the reverence and appreciation of life through the parental stewardship.

Picture your heart in appreciation and gratitude and focus the central strand of light and see this vibrating string create the wave form that activate life. The dual heart field is focused through the egg shaped vortex of the vesica picis which is the center of the toroidal field. The development of the triple flame enlightens the bodies. It is necessary to practice this energy of gratitude and appreciation to increase the field strenght and the radiant HeartLight. Practicing the energetic resonance is by focusing on the heart itself, the physical heart. The energy begins flowing when you focus on it with the mind.

In this process of understanding there are within humanity representatives who choose to lead and guide the collective of humanity. They surrender to the path and awaken their lights in unity with all others. The first step of the orientation is to achieve higher heart activation. The aqua blue ocean of feeling that is created by the white light unifying the aquamarine energetic of the expression of divine love.

Enter the realization previously known only in the mysteries of divine grace where the union of heart and mind moves into pure service for humanity. The Will to Good awakens the Thymus to become magically attuned to telepathic and empathic energies. 

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