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The Christ Within materials were written in 1993 and it is now time to release this wonderful activation of Divine Feminine Energy to the World. Meditate and absorb the wonderful empowerment this material bestows

The Long awaited completion of the
Beloved I Am Christ Within is available
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More Products and Services are being
created to assist in the restoration
of Christ and the Earth.

Thank you for being part of
this creation of the new media.
We begin now to help and to heal
the planet and humanity.



Thank you for becoming part of the GoldRing Community and Movement for Enlightenment
and Abundance. Rysa ~

Please Help bring the Healing Energies
of the Christ Within ~ Beloved I AM
to Humanity and the World.

Give your Support to the Reappearance
of the Divine Feminine Christ Energy
and Forgiveness of Male Energies.

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Beloved I AM
Christ Within

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The DVD series is made up of 44 DVD's that create an attunement to higher energies. The core of the GoldRing is made up of 33 DVD's of 400+ pages of transcribed material. The DVD's are over 30 hours of audio video spiritual transformational experiences. The Teachers of Light and Masters of the Matrix series consists respectively of of (7) and (3) DVD's of high resolution powerful imagery and communications of higher spiritual energies. The overall process of watching and being part of the GoldRing awakens and centers the Higher Mind and Heart to see reality from an expanded multidimensional perspective. The most powerful statements revealed from those who have enjoyed the experience of the GoldRing is that it has "saved my life." The GoldRing opens the higher mind and the Christ Within opens the heart.
Having a divine sense of inner purpose creates a strong energy field
of a specific frequency that will produce world transformation.


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The Christ Within is the Reappearance of the Divine Feminine Christ

It is the energy of the Divine Feminine Flame that holds you in the caress of spiritual enlightenment and abundance. She radiates a golden aura and holds a pure deep center of the greatest love, of the most beautiful presence, of the most mysterious oneness that is in you.
Within the light you feel the transmissions of love.

Beloved I Am ~ Christ Within Website


The GoldRing is a Group who have come together to support the ideals of the GoldRing Game
of Abundance and Enlightenment and to join in the reunion of a Family of Light.  Our community site has just reached over 6,000 members and

WE are continuing seeing them become empowered through online Heart Vision Quests,
Ceremonies of Asking and the Circle of Abundance at -

The formation of the GoldRing Media Group has been established to support and develop
new artists involved in music, video other creative modalities and a center for healers.

The Gold Ring Game of Enlightenment & Abundance has a unified purpose - Collective Telepathic Alignment. We are a living vibrating energy field with soul rapport leading to telepathy and unified group functioning on all planes. Clear people, strongly committed to this unified focus on inner levels will draw through the law of resonance other dedicated people who respond to the group note.

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